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Why it's So Important Not to Steal

Now a days many people like to steal. I know this because an old friend visited me about six months ago and he tried to steal my money.

It's important not to steal for a few reasons.

1. It's breaking one of God's ten commandments,
2. It's illegal and
3. It hurts people.

Imagine cashing your paycheck only to have a pickpocket steal your wallet. That would suck. You wouldn't be able to feed yourself or your family. Besides you and your family going hungry, if you're robbed, you can lose your electricity, your water and you can even be evicted.

Stealing people's vehicles is really bad. If you steal a man's car, he can't get to work to earn the money he needs for both himself and his family to survive.

Some people may think that stealing from businesses like Walmart doesn't hurt people but that's not true. When people shoplift, the insurance companies have to reimburse the stores. This causes insurance rates to go up and the stores have to raise their prices. When people shoplift, you and I have to pay higher prices.

If you are a thief, please remember what I've said. It hurts people tremendously. Do you really want to see a family be tossed out in the street? Do you really want to be responsible for them being evicted?

Times can be tough for some people but stealing is never the answer. If you and your family are going hungry, it would be better to get the food stamps than to steal food or somebody's money to buy food. There are also organizations that can help in other ways such as paying $300-$400 towards your electric bill.

If you're tempted to steal, please remember three things.

1. It's a sin that will make God angry,
2. It's illegal and you can go to jail and
3. It would cause people to go hungry and maybe even wind up being evicted.


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