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A Note on the Independence of India

Freedom Movement 

Patriots, philosophers, poets and people of India, all worked for independence against foreign rulers. Independence was the honour and self respect for all; to achieve that goal how many have how much paid? Mere words of praise could not repay that dear price! Patriots sacrificed their lives for the nation; philosophers theorised the truth of nationalism; and poets symbolised the power of the nation! Sons gave up their lives for the nation; lovers sacrificed their love for the nation; friends gave up their friendship for the nation; all leaders, workers and people of India, all struggled for independence, the only goal in life!

In India’s Independence 1947

In 1947 India got independence from the foreigners, the fruit of the great sacrifices of our forefathers for the youth to enjoy freedom and remember the real story of the toils and travails of them to maintain the independence against all enemies! Yes! The enemies are not outside but inside now! The enemies of liberty and democracy are formidable; they have to be fought to retain India’s independence.

Linguistic States

Freedom fighters wanted to see this sub-continent into one single nation; and after independence India became a country of many linguistic states! A conglomeration of multilingual and multi-religious provinces was India!

Communal Problem

After the partition of India communal feeling began burning non-stop and still it is  burning beneath the cold surface of the so called secularism! The points of unity of all religions are love, unity and peace only; but the diehard fundamentalists still harp on the same note of separatism! The exploitation of the people politicians do with the caste, communal cards and the country reels under the heat of political excitement all round the year!

Corruption and Violence

Corruption and favouritism make the rich richer and the poor poorer as naturally and politically North and South India are divided into two! Youth are turned into naxalites by the politico-bureaucratic business nexus and terrorism, violence have replaced non-violence that got independence! Kashmir and Assam should not become an example to Andhra and Tamil Nadu! Aryan and Dravidian races should first become one Indian race everywhere; religious, lingual and regional differences can disappear by good education; but the attempt to rule this multilingual country with one language threatens unity!

Language Problem and Diversities

The language ruling before independence should rule India even now; that is the sure way to stabilise and maintain the advantage of India and make this one nation one with the world for peace and prosperity!

Unity in diversity was the strength of India in the past; now diversity in unity is the plight of India in the present!  Hindus, Muslims and Christians fought as Indians for independence; now living as Indians they function as Christians, Muslims and Hindus!

Conspiracy and hypocrisy cannot save Indian democracy any longer; only compromise and cooperation against confrontation can solve all. The independence of India depends on self-reliance to achieve all!
Caste, creed, colour, language and religion divided the people; but nation, culture and literature united the people of India.  Democracy, socialism and secularism were constituted to integrate India. But lack of education and employment make the mass ineffective still!

Socialistic planning did not improve much the economy of India; poverty and unemployment still remain as big burden to this big nation!  Equality and socialism have sacrificed quality and creativity to mediocrity!  And the little left brain has drained to foreign countries for job satisfaction!  All these question “how could independence of India stand on self-reliance?”


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