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Society the Narrow Term

For the society we talk about that is changing everyday and entering a world of unending possibilities, being attracted by and following the western culture are we really accepting the way it seems to be.

Most part of our society that we talk about, hear about and write about is the area that is developing at a great pace and recognized by all means. This society is being nurtured from the beginning and a lot effort has been made to bring it to the level it has reached by now but does it involve all the people around us or is it just a narrow term ignoring the ones that are unique and different and haven’t been thought even once.

The part of us that has been surviving by its own way without any purpose, ignored, hated and punished by all, yes such a wide group exists between us "The Transgenders". Existing from the centuries they have not grown at all instead they have faced the worst circumstances in their life.

Born with the major complications and immediately thrown out of family declaring that the child was dead, that is how they start their life, being called as dead. In India, where the birth of a child is called at the entering of God in the home, then why the God is being denied if it is not in the form as expected by the people. Grown without any love and care of Parents they feel lifeless, no education, no employment, no rights, then we call ourselves as democratic people when we are neglecting such big part of our own existence.

From birth till death they face the harsh circumstances and ignorance of others, for what crime they have committed. Sometimes even resorted to beggary and prostitution they are now the most vulnerable and untouched part of us. They have been the part of great Kingdoms of India and also have their names mentioned in old scripts as the people with power of Divine, for their blessings never go wasted then why we are making it so difficult for them to survive.

We call our parents as the Tutor, Mentor and the God then why at the birth of a child with no gender causes the Divine flame in them to diminish, their love and wait for the baby comes to an end and asking the other Transgender to take it away and naming the baby as the "dead child" 

The other part of our society that has tried to come up a lot many times but still in a low phase is Gay Community. In the name of religion, culture, ethics, moral values what we are losing now is human values. The only reason of nonacceptance being the lack of knowledge.  Though gay pride has been started in India but still the participation is very low because of the reason being identified as a Gay and entering the ignorance area. On the other hand when some countries are legalizing the same sex marriage we try not talk about our sexuality as it might hurt the feeling of our family and society members.

We talk about the freedom of expression, freedom of speech but not about the freedom of Sex or No Sex as it is the Divine's decision to make us what we are. When will we learn to accept the people as they are, for they are not just mere objects that we will accept which we like and throw away the rest. Differentiating the people by the values they have, by how much human they are, not by the sex they enter this world, not by the form they want to live in. Just by understanding the concept of "Pure Humanity and Acceptance as the Love" all the discrimination and rudeness can be brought minimal value.


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