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What atrocities that have been committed against Muslims in Gujarat are wrong and need to be stopped with a firm hands by the appropriate authorities without delay. Having said that it is important to realize that a fanatic, criminal group of Muslims provoked the indiscriminate and inappropriate retribution. It is necessary to condemn the murder of innocent Muslims, but it is equally necessary for the Muslim community to do some soul searching why they continue to persist in cruel and irrational provocative behavior. It is time to address the fundamentally violent, xenophobic, intolerant nature of Islam. They are unable to live peacefully or modernize and come to terms with the advancement of knowledge and science because of the constricting, rigidly orthodox nature of the religion. I hear the frequently quoted rubbish of Islam's broad mindedness and preservation of Greek knowledge and advanced culture. Let me clarify that most of that, was what the barbarian Muslims learnt from other civilizations, they conquered and co-opted because the lure of rape, pillage and plunder, offered to the conquerors and the unrealizable promise of an unlimited supply of never aging virgins to those who died and the reality of four wives in this life, that could lead to serial polygamy by easy divorce in favor of males in an era, where life was short, brutish and nasty. Islam therefore appealed to the bestial carnality in all of us and unfortunately made it holy to the detriment of humanity!

Let me get back to the main point without digressing in the basic indecency of a stupid religion propagated by an illiterate, self-serving, incestuous, child molesting, satyromaniac. The so-called secular loudmouths kept quiet, when Hindus were massacred and forced to leave Kashmir and ignore the repeated, daily atrocities of Muslim fanatics against innocent Hindus and scream holy hell, not to jeopardize their often illicit funding by various charitable organizations, which masquerade behind humanitarian causes as the Western Governments are now realizing in their desperate attempts to combat terrorism.

Even more importantly, one does not see the Spanish or French government apologizing for mistreating Moroccans or Algerians. I do not see the Israelis in throes of soul-searching agony for dealing unfairly with their Arab citizens. There is no mea culpa from Britain for centuries of genocide of Tasmanians, Chinese or Africans. The Americans do not agonize or apologize for their treatment of Africans, American Indians or the genocide in Southeast Asia or the recent killing of 15000 Afghan innocent men, women and children. There were no war criminal trials for the firebombing of Dresden. Justice is a mockery often dramatized by the victors as the Germans and Japanese, who themselves are not without sin realized. It is for us, as Indians to feel the shame of unfairly killing innocent Muslims and these holier than thou pontifications like those of the Catholic Church, which has the largest single group of sex offenders and child molesters needs to be nipped in the bud by reminding these so called reformed sinners that they have no right to cast stones. We need to change and prevent such terrible holocausts, but the Muslim minority needs to be reminded to live peacefully as Indians, rather than giving allegiance to some Umma, Khilafat or equally futile and stupid Pan-Islamic identity, lest they end up as undesirable traitors in every land that they live and have neither the courage nor conviction to migrate to their Islamic El Dorado, where women are slaves and men eunuchs living under some unprincipled greedy tyrant or a whole family of such cowardly tyrants, who perform kurnish to their economic interests. 


More by :  Gaurang Bhatt, MD

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