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Craze for Hype and Hoopla

It is true and a great feeling that today media rules the entire world and more especially in India where even the press and electronic media can make and unmake things.

But, had this been done with good motive and goad the public and the readers to think and act it would be an excellent effort. Unfortunately, the business drive takes the importance and therefore, the media tries to make every mole into a mountain.

In a democratic setup, the media has the power to point out the mistakes of the government as well as the public; but, on many occasions, keeping their market in mind they prefer to favor the public irrespective of their failings. Public indiscipline is a major drawback in India. None tries to highlight, criticize or educate the public on that. Instead, many times, they try to fan the public ire by fueling the feelings against the government. The problem of caste and community and their clashes get wide display and coverage which is detrimental to the society as a whole and hampers the efforts of the forward thinking public.

Suicides are given great significance with analysis and photographs which only promotes negative impact among the weak minded public. Love affairs and sexual crimes become the order of the day and the media never fails to give more than required exposure for the same. Do they really make the people to be more careful or concerned? I doubt.

Accidents, murders and criminal activities are major fodder for the press and media. The photos and visuals are many times nauseous and gruesome to say the least. Yet, they never flinch in publishing them with graphic details. It should also be mentioned that every scam, crime, assault, or accident get royally relegated to the background once a new one appears.

Good or bad, productive or counterproductive over publicity is unwanted. When Indian media will understand the importance of educating the public instead inciting and fanning their emotions by creating hype and hoopla for anything and everything?  

Indeed, a million dollar question.


More by :  G Swaminathan

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