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Wars: Do they End Conflict?

I believe that war never resolves a problem. It lingers hatred and enmity between or among states. Gandhiji therefore said, a wrong means can’t produce good ends. It makes the enmity stronger. It causes a huge loss of lives and property. In trying to solve one problem, war creates many new problems.

The First World War did not end there; it forced the humanity to face another war. But the countries then thought of establishing peace. The United Nations was thus created to save the world from wars. It has played a great role in stopping them since 1945. It mediates between the warring states.

The gestures of love are reciprocated with love.

Today the enemies of yesteryears like France and Germany are friends in the European Union.

Through dialogue and confidence building measures it can be checked. The people of each nation have a great role to play in this regard. They have to put pressure on their respective governments against war. The press and the intellectuals too have a great role to play in this regard. Patience has a great potential to antidote war. An enlightened international public opinion can save the earth from war.

In the end I must say, “Love is the great conqueror not war”. 


More by :  Aniket Mohapatra

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