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A Virtual World

I was a toddler when I met him. He was a savior - dressed in a red and blue costume. With him I experienced a saga of fiction and fantasy. With him I flew across the baby mountains, jumped over the deadliest ditches, fought with the count dragons and finally rescued the golden princess.

I felt disheartened when he died, however I never knew that he was immortal, he was invincible. Perhaps he lived and died because of my dexterity.I loved him like anything.He taught me how to smile and transit through all the destined endeavors. He was 'Mario' - the inception of Video games and the legend of virtual adventures. Whenever I was down or busted, I joined him in his endless excursions, it was fun, it was remarkable.

Then I grew up. I met a warrior clan, they all were deadly warriors. Some were Kung-fu masters with the five diffrent styles and moves, some were wizards who pelted magic blows and some were street-fighters who knew no rules, their hits and combos were amazing, I wasted a lot of time learning them, with every blow or a smack, I went, I grew crazy for the splash of blood and broken jaws when they released the special attack or we call it the 'power attack'. They all looked dashing and young, but their skills were barbarian.

Their fight was brutal and it had a name - 'Mortal Kombat'. I grew fit matching their speed and agility.They added new words to my vocabulary - 'brutality' , fatality , and 'mortality'. They were my heroes, they taught me how to fight and sustain till the last breath. They were violent and loud but I liked them. I avenged some of my classmates using those hits and combos.

Mario was history by then, I smiled back whenever I saw him and lost interest. His red costume was not appealing enough.The familiar soundtrack when it enters and dies - faded, I was busy practising combos and increasing dexterity.

I completed graduation and joined the race of competition. Time was less and task was stupendous. Too many things to be learnt, engrossed circumstances and plastic smile became a mundane routine.

I met ‘Kratos’ – The God of War. He took me beyond horizons to the heavens and to the hell.With him I learnt the glory of the Greek and Sparta. With him I had killed thousands of deadly monsters, I fought Medusa she was vicious, I encountered Perseus he was brave, I challenged Zeus – the King of Gods and above all I loved the mighty Pegasus, with it I flew across the Olympia and ancient Greece. Kratos was dynamic in nature, he was tall and extremely fit, he was a brutal killing machine, he had the godly powers and he solved every puzzle efficiently. With him I learnt how to accept challenges, he was egoistic and he fought hard to achieve what he wanted, his attire was ravenous, but it gave me immense pleasure when I joined him in his fictional voyage. Street Fighters got old by now, their charm diminished. I was strong by now.

I got a job, I started working. Long work hours and stress meetings became a daily routine. Recreation was distant enough. Flowing across my daily chores I unknowingly entered a virtual world called GTA (Grand Theft Auto), where I met a race of robbers, burglars and violent teenagers who refute the local mafia and thereby ran into a series of incidents exciting in nature. They might hit someone,anyone, anywhere, steal a car, bike, bicycle and even a chopper. This was amazing, there was a rush of adrenaline in each action of the protagonists. But I didn’t learn anything, I didn’t like them. Moreover I lost emotions, I was into growth, money, pressure and future. GTA could not stand my learnings and desire and hence sublimed.

My job responsibilities grew consistently and I was preparing myself for a project which they called ‘CALL of DUTY’. In it I met World War soldiers I stayed with them for quite some time and they taught me how to handle arms, how to attack, besiege and at times die. I got mixed them easily and fought the saga of World War I and II. But it was ironical that this time I enjoyed them out of frustration and stress, I kept on killing and behading till I was content.

The meaning of pleasure had changed. I grew fierce.Time was the only thing I never had, I was busy terminating issues in my life. I don’t play video games now. My game console looks worn out, dust has maligned its appearance. Its quiet now, the game CDs and their cover look redolent as if they are shouting quietly. Life took a new shape altogether, time still falls short.

Computer and Internet absorb my time these days. Above all Facebook is the next stage of leisure. The choice and preferences are changing, I'm not sure …….to what level and extent! Creativity and geniality does not go hand in hand now, these things are endless.Video game is a virtual reality - I understood this fact now, its fake and ruthless, however it still teaches something. It taught me to what an extent one could change.

How habits live and die with this virtual reality. In this world I lived a different life all together, with those character atleast I was happy, even knowing they were fiction. Their heroism, villainy didn’t matter, what mattered was intent and flow. I wish the real life could be that easy and entertaining, where you don’t expect from people you just keep going on and on. “life is like a video game, but unlike the game, the chance to live is only once…….so keep playing and don’t expect.” With this thought I think I might start cleaning my gaming console and the broken remotes.


More by :  Divya Joshi

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Comment Laudatory! n Impeccable!!!

12-Jul-2012 09:21 AM

Comment The way you pen down nobody can even imagine.......TUSSI GREAT HO Sir Ji......

Sneha Poddar
22-Feb-2012 08:00 AM

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