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Modi and his Contradictions

BJP is in its biggest dilemma since its existence as a political party to whether nominate Narendra Modi as its prospective Prime Ministerial candidate for 2014 Lok Sabha polls. The right wing party is in “chintan” [1] mode implied; Advantage Congress party. This confusion gives the ruling party enough armament to attack BJP and Modi and score brownie points in televised debates, print media.
As such nomination of Modi will not bring BJP back to power [2], his good governance image is bounded not outside Gujarat state. His governance model has never been tried and tested at national level and remains a mirage. It is known fact, Modi has no magic wand to transform state of Indian economy. Through the fourth estate, he has been able to project his image of clean leader and his oration which touches the heart and minds of common people in the majority community.

Modi is a master strategist and shrewd politician and is highly ambitious leader. He has already begun his quest for the top position this is after constituting his team for 2014 polls which has been constantly improving his image amongst the minds of people. In the social network his annotation as PM of India has already taken place. It needs to be realised that, “there is a slip between the cup and the lip”

Constitutionally, India has adopted secularism in letter and spirit, even though we could question praxis of secularism misused for promoting vote bank politics. Modi style of politics is really divisive and favours the majority and discriminates the minorities and has tendency to create fissures.

Even if we examine his press statements after the 2002 Gujarat riots, he has never been apologetic about the killing of innocent members belonging to the Muslim community. It is also not about being apologetic, the statements made after 2002 riots show his neglect for the minorities in his own state and empowering the majority community. Then after more than a decade of communal riots, focus shifts from social change to development. Economics takes primacy over social change.

For a traveller visit to Ahmedabad can be an eye opener. A vivid description of human spaces in the capital city of Gujarat are alarming. On one side of the city, we see the rich people living from the majority community and striving for infinite development and living a prosperous life. Across the Sabarmati River, we see ghettoization of minority community as well as bad physical infrastructure. The roads are not maintained in the best of development indexes, unhealthy sanitation facilities, no major parking space for vehicles etc. Interactions with local governmental officials reaches a dead end. For them that is “Old Ahmedabad” nothing much can be improved there.

If a beautification drive can be carried across the Sabarmati river for whopping US$150,000 in order to develop the river bank and connect the city with other part. The big question is: Will this sort of development heal the wounds of riot victims? Or Is it to please the majority community? , Why social change does not take place in the minority community? During my informal interactions with people from Muslim community in 2012, I found out anger, frustration, helplessness, resigned to their fate feelings amongst the Muslims. Some felt there was no credible alternative of Modi in the state, so they kept voting for Modi all the time. Added to this, model of development pursued by Modi in Gujarat has to work on health and education sectors and much more equity needs to be brought about.

Modi slogan is “India first” all this is rhetorical without any substance. This could fall flat for him even before he is nominated as the Prime ministerial candidate.  Modi at the national stage is inimical for senior leaders in the BJP. His domineering nature is acting as a stumbling block for many senior politicians like Advani, Swaraj, Joshi, and Sinha. They feel threatened that elevation of Modi to the stature of PM so early could spell doom for the party. 2002 Gujarat riots keep haunting him in the present, he has been trying from few years to rise from regional satrap to national leader that transaction has not taken place.

BJP wants to take cautious steps and not hurry in nomination of PM for the coveted post. In few months, five states go for polls which is very crucial for BJP as well Congress. May be there are some hidden candidates who could challenge Modi after the polls. As of now, Modi is hero as per the media projection and increasing their TRP ratings. (sic)
1. Introspection
2. They need to build alliances to form the next government. With Modi as their leader for PM could be a deterrent for many parties to align with the right wing alliance.


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