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Dreams are delectably an integral part of our lives. They play themselves out in our sleep only to affect us in unexpected ways, while we are awake. In a bitingly powerful manner, dreams reflect our thinking, bewildering aspirations, orientations and specific peculiarities of behaviour. Sometimes they beguile us, with images from another world but it is mostly our own relationship tangles and conflicts which express the angst through our dreams.
It would be a mistake to consider dreams as merely lurid imaginations, for they do influence our strategies, by offering definitive responses to the problem at hand and often deciding the course of action. With their easy brilliance, dreams allow the dreamer to overthrow the state of mental isolation. Unknowingly, our conscious mind re-discovers old ideas and blends them with new ones.
Turning to the scriptures, we gather numerous references of sensationally evocative dreams that changed the course of destiny for Saints, Kings and commoners, by guiding them in their respective destinies and offering life-affirming insights and experiences.
The following quotes best sum up the above ideas: 

Dreams are true while they last, and do we not live in dreams?
Alfred Lord Tennyson.
All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.
- Edgar Allan Poe

If we were to take a holistic view, it wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that dreams are as much of an illusion as reality. By distilling the effects of happenings of both the conscious and unconscious realms they answer the whys and why- not’s with tender eloquence. Make the most of them from whatever you remember by understanding that they aid the cause to just ‘be in the moment’, by unfolding interesting aspects of life, helping us to become more aware, productive and contented individuals.


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Me think I remember a poem which says
Sleep to dream or dream to sleep!
I say dreams come through in many ways
Especially when your sleep is deep
It can happen even to the simple fellow
To shorten that eastern passage around Africa
Many had dreams including Marco Polo
Who founded the desired Silk Road to China

Even braver was Christopher Columbus
He had to cross the stormy oceans for sure
There is some who still fret and make fuss
That Amerigo Vespucci did it long before
He thought he was going east with the nice breeze
But he ended up in the West sailing Santa Maria
And discovered1 America and the West Indies
Followed by his other ships the Pinta and Nina

Long! long before all of them
Cornered by the malicious army of Egyptians
Moses had the biggest problem
Parting the seas to escape those cruel Romans
Some producers of modern Hollywood
Put the Ten Commandments on film
Made our dreams came true so we could
All witness the mighty power of Him

Not long ago a simple naked fakir2 of India
Mohandas Gandhi had a giant of a dream
To gain Independence with Satyagrah3
Making a united India with his dream team
But religion can be so bad sometimes
Nehru and Gandhi wanted one India
Men can become real snakes in slimes
Jinnah wanted a Pakistani nation
Despite Nehru’s and Gandhi’s pleas at par
Jinnah still clamored for partition
Resulting with the two nations still at war

Followers of Gandhi like the Rev. King
Dreamt of peace with the two races
The Rev. Martin Luther King had the sting
Despite all the bigoted racial menaces
The blacks and whites finally came together
This dream was cemented by Barak Obama
They thought they’d never see a black brother
Occupying the White House in America

Once the only British country in South America
Dr Cheddi Jagan’s dreams came through partly
Making a people with one destiny in Guyana
‘though he was jailed at Sibley Hall wrongfully
By LFS Burnham who was once his pal
And for 28 years was sabotaged politically
Eventually the dictator Burnham did fall
And Dr. Jagan again won democratically

A man waited in jail in Robben Island
And for 28years he dreamt of freedom
Through global intervention’s demand
Eventually his bloody release did come
For black South Africans the majority
Then Mandela took power anew
Casting aside the white ruled minority
And many dreams came through

In Canada’s we had a peculiar dish
Dreams of the French Quebecois united
With all the peace loving English
A peace Pierre Trudeau did cemented
Bringing home the constitution
Despite the attempt of Dief our Chief
Stopping the Quebec’s separation
Got all under the flag of the maple leaf

The greatest woman with a mountain of strength
The indomitable modern day Saint Mother Teresa
Whose charity touched India’s width and length
Resulting in building her Peace Village in India
Where others, Hindus and Muslims came
She was rewarded with the Noble Peace Prize
For feeding the sick, the poor and the lame

Dreams came through for millions not long ago
When Obama became president of the USA
This was very impossible many thought so
Where the colour barrier held many at bay
This cause inspiration to heighten
A real black man in the Whitehouse finally
Planting his own vegetable garden
Building self esteem to downtrodden globally

Every year students fulfill their dreams
At graduation time tossing their hats in the air
Hoping for betterment or so it seems
Like their parents hoping to get their share
Addicted alcoholics have dreams too
Suffering and living one day at a time
So are the smokers which is nothing new
As they continue to cough up slime

Fishermen go to sea and cast their nets
Hoping today they’ll catch the big one
Addicted gamblers also cast their bets
Stupidly thinking they are having fun
Some folks in Sri Lankha and Darfur
Have simple dreams of finding food and shelter
Their crime is that they are so poor
As warlords having them running helter skelter

And on the sidelines the wolves stand
They too have dreams of their own
A fat strayed calf is their demand
As they listen for its motherly moan
The anteater too dream with it’s sticky tongue
Looking for a nice juicy packed ant-hill
Silently moving up a mound without a sound
Today he may get his dreams and his fill

As they too endlessly search near and far
Helping the crops of the farmers thrive
The bees dream of flowers to gather nectar
As they busily make honey in their hive
And as the full of dreams world goes on
All hope one day theirs too may come through
Some would win and some die and gone
Some will be happy and many would be blue

Naraine Datt
26-Aug-2013 16:24 PM

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