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Time and Death

The Hidden Threat of Death-Birth  

Body and wear body encloses the year.

This is the "invisible matter" that the body has to traverse through a chain of birth and death.

The passage seems to be secret and compulsory.

The birth-turns opens the gate of the year with timid steps and startled the man enters the "passage" that 
half-lighted  allows the system to fill with light ... as much as the human eye can not bear to bathed to shine. Exaggeration Each birth leads to "death" after "passing" explodes.

The flashes covering the human body and annihilates .. fills the infinite is born again.

Time and Death

The path to the unknown 'acts'

The route itself for 'cells'

The path of light "infinite"

Before birth before activation "gate time" darkness

Before the explosion of passage 'death' light '

The route time major event "the light" in perishable but imperishable body and the birth

The meaning of "being" tied in perfectly with the "mortal body" which honors the year with the presence of

The unknown journey for each person for each occurrence

Just go to "Acts" Acts lengthy acts "fast" We'll call changes Changes "light"

Looks like experiment

Experiment that the human mind could not understand

Experiment occurs between infinity and existence ... with a single incision presence visible as a dot at infinity that can be seen by the human eye.

The timeless intangible primordial darkness .. never wakes from slumber, moving slowly saturated, heavy, like a hidden unknown threat of "death of the birth of light"


More by :  Dr. Eftichia Kapardeli

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