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Love on Love

 Everyone of us loves someone at least once in the life. It is the wonderful feeling. It sounds really great knowing that one loves you too much. Many times this love is beyond the blood relations also. 

But today the word 'love' is treated in the bad sense. Loving someone is considered to be making a sin. In fact love is the very feeling on which an individual can survive. But our society & mentality of the people do not accept this fact.

A great philosopher says that "God always call the persons to himself which he likes. That means to the heaven!" Now we all are here on the earth which indicates that someone here loves us more than God!

The whole world is filled up with nothing but the love. In fact those who blame the love are feared of being hated from all. They are just escaping from the truth & hence blame the love as a sin.

Today it is the need of the time to teach everyone to love on the love. Once in life feel the real love. Love is not the thing to be done in dark. It is real chaitanya (energy) of life. So taste it's real taste. Once be the "true" Lover of the Love!


More by :  Akshay Patil

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