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Election: A Multivariate Phenomenon

Humans basically behave like iron, stiff and at the same time soft, stiff to resist the wrong and soft to be induced by a strong magnet to turn into another magnet by aligning the tiny magnets residing in it. The tiny magnets are the mind. In the just concluded state elections in Maharashtra and Haryana Narendra Modi acted as the strong magnet to sway the minds of millions to vote for BJP.
Akin to late PM Lal Bahadur Shastri’s call “Jai Jawan Jai Kissan’, Modi’s appeal, ‘Shramev Jayate’ is very thought provoking and equally very relevant in our society. Celebrating the Mahatma’s birthday as ‘Swachh Divas’ is another great movement. In essence, he added good spices to the hitherto tasteless Indian politics. If the BJP leaders across the country rise to the occasion and provide good governance, India shall take off to a high road of progress.
Victories of 122 candidates in Maharashtra and 47 in Haryana do not just show two numbers, it marks a sea change in the perception and the understanding of the present day social requirements. Rising prices of the commodities, inflation and some other inconveniences are not the criteria for this change to dawn. It is the burdens of misrule, corruption, nepotism, arrogance and disregard for the public opinion that have diverted the trains of the ruling parties into abandoned tracks to dead ends.
Congress has rightly observed, ‘This is a vote for change’.  If, however, Cong stops at that, then it has not learnt anything from this defeat. The party needs to find a good answer for it to go further. People of India shall never forget the arrogance with which the Cong leaders and the spokespersons defended all the wrong doings and belittled everybody. Many of the good institutions were simply bulldozed. The exalted office of PM unfortunately lost its shine.
Many do not agree that there is a phenomenon like Modi wave behind this landslide victory for BJP. Modi perhaps will not subscribe to it himself. But a wind did blow to sink the boats of some parties and at the same time favour BJP ships to reach the harbor of victory.


More by :  Dr. Kumarendra Mallick

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