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Scrutable Orientals and Unscrutable America

One has to give credit to the Europeans for their curiosity and pursuit of knowledge that led to their overwhelming advancement, resulting in world dominating colonial empires. Their using allegiance to their self-proclaimed superiority of Christianity with scant respect for its tenets and unrestrained exercise of mercantilism, greed and lust for power, facilitated their goals under the ignoble pretext of civilizing and christainizing the heathens. In the process, they enslaved, pillaged rapaciously and committed genocide in Africa, Asia and America and whitewashed their atrocities by writing their history in glory, like all lying victors. In all fairness any other group may have done the same.

Racism is built into human nature and was a prerequisite of survival when humans lived in small groups. Xenophobia has evolutionary sanction and a few centuries of cosmopolitan living cannot wipe it out, unless one is educated or liberal, both bad words in much of America as the zeal for Creationism, current election results and the best seller "What is the matter with Kansas" prove. The sordid American history of native genocide, African slavery, Chinese exclusion Act and Japanese internment bear guilty testimony of a shameful past. There is a birth defect called Down's syndrome most often due to a chromosomal 21Trisomy from non-disjunction in the formation of the ovum in an older woman that was given the name Mongolism, because of a slight eye appearance that can never be truly mistaken for the prevalent epicanthic folds of the eyes in Chinese, Japanese and Koreans by any discerning individual. There is also the frequently used in the past epithet "The "Inscrutable Oriental" and the phrase "All these ' look alike".

That brings me to the present problem of the humongous trade deficits with China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan and why they collectively now own nearly a trillion or more dollars of US treasuries. Japan has lost over a hundred billion dollars of value of its dollar holdings as the dollar sinks and the impending revaluation of the Chinese Yuan will cause a hundred billion dollar loss to China. Korea and Taiwan suffer the losses for past gratitude and favors. Japan has the same reason, but it is a human society closest to the social insects, as its even now prevalent worship of the Emperor proves and America is its newest Emperor. There is a significant faction in Japan tiring of its subordinate bowing culture, and North Korean Nukes will hasten the process due to the ineptitude and stubborn foolishness of the current American administration. China with its desire for its historical greatness is shrewd and will eventually drive a hard bargain and obtain the capitulation of Taiwan and the guaranty of non-interference from an America brought to its knees by its debt due to profligate living beyond its means.

There is a new book by a current Ohio Congressman titled "The Myth of Free Trade". It documents that the biggest and most powerful lobbyists for China are American CEOs, who in their greed for greater profits to enrich themselves by cashing in on undeserved stock options granted by crony directors beholden to the CEO, persuade the corrupt elected officials to enact laws allowing the de-industrialization of America by decimating its manufacturing base. In addition they impoverish the American worker by decreasing employment and lowering the wages with the threat to move their industries to cheap labor countries without labor or environmental laws. What Kruschev and the Communist ideology could not accomplish, viz. the burying of America, is being done by our own avaricious capitalists, thus fulfilling another Russian prediction that the capitalists will sell us the very rope that we intend to hang them with! We are providing China with the dollars to modernize its armed forces, develop its industries and blackmail us in the future. The Orientals are now scrutable and can be understood. It is we Americans and our foolish, greedy and shortsighted policies that have become inscrutable. What an ironic reversal of fortunes and epithets? 


More by :  Gaurang Bhatt, MD

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