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Time goes fast, very fast. But as it passes, it teaches many things to us, it makes us experienced with different situations of life. I still remember my childhood friend Ronak. We used to study together in small village of India. His parents were teacher and we used to study in the same school. He was very innocent and loving boy. He had great influence on the other students, as his parents were teacher. He used to go their houses and used to eat whatever they had! But as soon as he grew enough to understand the meaning of friendship, suddenly his friends started to disappear! He used to ask, "What happened to Rohit? Where is Kamal, is he sick?" After asking to many other friends he came to know that they started working. First time in life he felt bad about his friends.

But as his parents were teacher, his life didn't stop there. He grew and then he went to big town for further study. Fortunately he got admission in Engineering. One day he found one girl, Reshma. She was very cute and used to study in his class. They became really good friend and started loving each other. Ronak was sure that his parents will not have problems with his marriage with Reshma as she is really good girl. He thought that his parents were enough educated for that. One day suddenly he was invited by his parents to talk about his marriage. He started thinking and then finally decided to tell everything to his parents. He wrote a letter to his parents in which he mentioned everything about his relationship with Reshma. When he reached home his parents started talking. They said, "If you marry Reshma, then what about us? What about society? What people will say?" Ronak tried to explain them that Reshma was really good girl and his parents were also good and had respect in society. They said, "that's not our society and we have to give answer to our society!His parents started crying and arguing about whatever they did for him! They said that they gave him whatever he wanted but in this case he would have to marry in society otherwise they will suicide. They gave him bunch of warnings. Ronak did not understand what to do. He started thinking and decided to oppose the society. In the morning Ronak said to his parents that he would marry Reshma in any case. Then his parents started crying. His relatives were invited to talk about that. They all forced Ronak to marry in the society. They all gave him warning about people of society. They said, "you will live outside but what about your parents, what people of this society will think about your parents?"

Ronak's society was located in 52 villages located in small area. The people of that society were selfish. They could not bear happiness of other people. They always tried to break marriages. As long as I remember, they had shortage of girls in their society. Because of that Ronak's cousin could not find a girl in society. But Ronak was studying in Engineering so many people were asking for him. People used to give money to girl's father for marriage of their own son. Girl's parents used to ask lots of money for their daughter! That was pure business. But Ronak's parents were not worried about those things as many people were asking for his son. So they used to feel proud for him. But now there were afraid about Ronak. If Ronak would marry Reshma then they would loose the respect of society for them. And they didn't want that. I remember Ronak were crying while saying me, "I haven't eaten anything for three days!" He had decided strongly that he would not marry any other girl. His relatives used to come everyday to explain him the importance of society. 

Everybody was forcing him to marry and respect his parent's feelings. But Ronak was firm about his decision. Finally his parents took a chance. Ronak's younger brother had little effect of polio. So he could not walk as good as normal people. They said if you would marry in other society then who would marry to your brother. Ronak said," try to find a girl for him, I will wait until he is married." Ronak went back to school. He worked hard and got admission in one good university of USA. He got visa because of his excellent academic result and good university. 

Now he is in USA and working hard for his career. He has hopes that his parents will find a girl for his brother so that he will be able to marry Reshma. Reshma has hopes that someday Ronak will come back to marry her. Ronak's parents have hopes that Ronak will come back and will marry in society. And I still don't know what god has decided for Ronak. Let us hope for his great life.

Its been years now since we got freedom. But still I have question about that. Are we really free by true meaning of freedom? We are still living under other people, people of our society. When we will be free from this disease?       


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