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How to Trap An Indian Mouse

After Pokhran2 in 1998, one of the greatest worries of the American policy establishment and Pentagon was how to neutralize and contain the nuclear weaponry of Pakistan and India. First they tried the Trojan horses like Strobe Talbott and Ashley Tellis. The strategy to use against Pakistan was known and tried successfully against the Soviets. It was bankrupting the nation. The corrupt Pakistani army and its leading drug dealers and the Mr. Ten Percent leaders like the Bhuttos would be willing accomplices. The abject poverty, extreme economic bipolarity of a feudal society and gross mismanagement by all governments assured that Pakistan would be a beggar with hat in hand and made to toe the line as long as the politicians got their bribes and the army its newest toys to brandish at India.

India’s case was a bit more difficult. Its leaders were corrupt and ignorant but schizophrenic, torn between undeserved egos susceptible to flattery and a natural obsession of worshiping the West. Fortunately the election of Sonia’s Congress and her beautiful finesse of sliding an ignorant puppet with a clean reputation and no expertise or following, at the helm was a master play matched only by the British when they squelched the 1857 rebellion of India’s Hindus and Muslims with the help of Sikh troops. The Indian mouse was enticed out of his secure hole in the ground by a trail of goodies called the civilian nuclear treaty. He crawled to the White House and signed an agreement without consulting any strategic experts or nuclear scientists, on the advice of his IAS and IFS idiots, who mostly are like British bred laboratory rats of a strong West adulatory strain. A brainwashed Indian ambassador to the US, out of intimidation or being tickled pink by the touch of deft US State department fingers, took it upon himself to call the opposition Indian MPs epithets and names.

Manmohan Singh used the loophole in the Indian Constitution to ram this humiliating treaty down the throat of India by not revealing the details, prevaricating and making false statements with the backing of serving high atomic energy officials at the mercy of the government for current income and future pensions, and against the vociferous objections, protests and flawless arguments of wise, experienced and unbiased former nuclear experts, immune to threats and temptations, the corrupt unthinking government of Manmohan Singh had to offer. At the same time, the US essentially nixed the Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline to make sure that there would be no co-operation with Iran or more rapprochement with Pakistan on the basis of mutual economic and energy interdependence, and continued Pakistani and Indian dependence on Saudi Arabia whose illegitimate rulers cannot even let air out of any of their orifices without US permission. Hence Manmohan Singh crawled to Saudi Arabia so that India’s citizens can be sold in bonded slavery there and their blood money sustain the corrupt Indian government and economy.

To further block the escape routes of the mouse, it was pressured to buy expensive American arms whose use was controlled by the US with a humiliating and restrictive end user agreement and whose usefulness can be terminated by refusing to supply spares and components, as was done to make the Tarapur nuclear plants non-functional. The contract to purchase the Boeing P8I anti-submarine warfare and reconnaissance planes makes that portion of the Indian armed forces at the tender mercies of the US whims and endangers India’s control of the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean and its sea-lanes and commerce and thus India’s energy supply. India’s purchase of the light howitzers for mountain divisions from America, jeopardizes its mountainous borders with China and India. The last nail in the coffin will be the purchase of obsolete US planes for the ten billion dollars plus MRCA contract and thus going with the GE engine F414 for them and the so called indigenous Tejas. This will essentially castrate the Indian Air Force. The excuse for these shenanigans is that the Singaporean, South African and British companies were involved in bribing our politicians and military officers. They are the sort of people who would murder their parents and then claim mercy from the court because they were orphans.

The trap will be finally sprung when Manmohan Singh comes to the White House for the umpteenth time. He has now lost his natural fear, sense and caution if he ever had any. He will be coerced to join the NPT as a non-nuclear nation or subjected to the Fission Material Control Treaty, thus capping India’s primitive, and if a dissident scientist is to be believed, non-functioning fusion weapon arsenal. The Pakistani arsenal has been given free fail safe controls and partially brought under US control and once India is neutered, the US and China will collude to make Pakistan a totally dependent serf completely under control. It is even possible that at the next state dinner for Manmohan Singh, the music theme will be “Bol re Kathputli” and the entertainment will be a dance of the marionettes, but those of us who have the three D spectacles, will see it really as it is, the “Mousetrap”.  


More by :  Gaurang Bhatt, MD

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