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My Concept of Utility is 2 Levels

My concept of utility is 2 levels, firstly a person should use / utilize his resources and time for betterment of the society. The second level is how the contribution of individual is of use/utility to the community. An individual can aspire to level I utilizing his resources and time. Crux of the pudding is in eating it. How best the utility of individuals services contributes and of utility for the society and nation.

Right after my graduation in engineering, I worked in a construction company. Watching the top management squirming under foreign exchange crunch I was motivated and designed & developed and produced welding transformers which were utilized for construction work. Later I joined Indian Air Force. After one year of grueling training I was posted to a fighter squadron, I designed & developed a modifications which greatly almost more than double increased the utility of Aircraft as a weapon platform. In 1971 war the Aircraft played a very major & critical role with telling effects because of my modification. Later due to its improved performance the life of Aircraft life was increased in phases, thus saving long range replacement costs for newly acquired Aircraft which would cost millions of dollars.

My next posting was to be a specialized medium transport aircraft with short field take-off and landing and stall warning (STOL) system. Though not directly concerned with the squadron I want to utilize my spare time and resources to improve STOL system, which I successfully achieved in the next 2 years in addition to my routine responsibilities increasing aircraft availability particularly during Bangladesh liberation.

My later posting was to a premier institute for intellectual inputs to senior officers. I was not trained to undertake this task. I utilize all my talents to grasp nuances of the job admirably and under took the task to the entire satisfaction of the superiors & student officers, so much so they nick named me ‘professor’ instead of calling me by name.

Later in life I started a consultancy firm, which besides providing livelihood to me and 20 odd staff and enabled me to help thousands of customer to secure bank loans for Housing, Industries, etc, thus my services helped to utilize for a social cause and nation building too.

Later in my sixties due to my deep urge to share my knowledge & experience with young students, I have taken up teaching at Osmania University, in novel subjects of Technology Management in MBA faculty. The core subjects of Technology Management such as technology Creativity & Innovation, Technology transfer & Technology forecasting, etc, were all new to me. I spared a no efforts to gather the right material from various sources like large libraries, internet collated & put it across the students to their entire satisfaction. Pleased with me my performance university requested me to take up the professional batches also. In spite of heavy schedule of teaching 4 hrs, continuous in a day. I utilized my own energies & time and under took the challenge.

I have narrated all these efforts & achievements in my book titled ‘∑ mite of people = Might of Nation’ published recently in December,2016. Book is available in Flip cart and Amazon for readers interested in details.


More by :  Dr. Somasekhar Rao

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