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The Itch for Preaching

It is easy to preach ideals to others. 
The people engage in animal-protection eat chicken, meat and fish.
The people who fight and canvass against drinking habit among lower classes will get refreshed with a peg of wine after a day's strenuous preaching.
The people who talk about atrocities against women will live in live-in partnerships and or will not have harmonious relationships and do not take care of women-folk in their homes; rather work against them (the in-laws). 
The champions of human rights themselves do not care for the rights of rest of people around them or nations around them.
Spiritual preaching has become a corporate business management. And the preachers never care themselves to practice what they preach. 
Many of these preachers think that preaching is only for others. 
The urge to preach is like getting itched. 
Every one of us know what to do or what not to do. Why these NGOs and self-proclaimed "well-wishers of humanity" "strive" so much and waste their and our time?
It has become a profession and fashion to preach. 
Let the charity begin at home. Let the passion to "strive" for others' regimentation start with us and our practice.. 
Let us mind our business. Others will mind theirs.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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