Why Management Education?

Today, most people look up to management education as a panacea for success in corporate and professional life. Let us examine why management education holds such significance even in today’s world!

Firstly, corporate structures are changing: startups, mergers and acquisitions are now an expected part of the corporate life-cycle. Secondly, the new corporate environment is in process of shifting from the familiar competitive model to a more collaborative model that values performance of teams as much as individual contribution. Finally, an understanding of technology and information systems, including the internet and other communications advances, is extremely vital to be successful. Management programme (or the MBA) covers these areas thoroughly. Hence, management education can contribute to a successful career.

MBA degree can give you an edge over other employees or candidates for managerial positions. In fact, some companies would require managerial candidates to get a management degree to qualify for a management position. Some would argue that management education is a waste of time and money, and that one can succeed without a MBA tag in one’s curriculum vitae. Although a management degree is just one of many contributing factors in career success, graduate degrees such as an MBA have their own merits, and would prove to be an advantage when one is vying for a managerial position.

The following are some of the other reasons why management education would make good ‘business’ sense:

  • Young urban professionals with MBA degrees or pursuing management education are viewed to have more potential for promotion to leadership or managerial positions than other candidates, which can easily be translated to savings and profits on the cost of staff hiring and training.
  •  People holding a management degree are considered as forward-looking professionals who step ahead of their peers, and are innovative, creative, and visionaries.
  •  Management professionals are considered as good and well-informed business decision makers, who value statistics, careful studies, and planning while taking calculated risks.
  •  Those with management education are found to be aggressive and tenacious in any undertakings. Getting an MBA is a result of hard work and perseverance in itself because of stringent requirements than a bachelor’s degree.
  •  Those with MBA are considered to be serious about their career growth.

There are numerous variations on an MBA degree. For example, programs like Utica online offer an MBA in Economic Crime and Fraud Management. This degree will give one the knowledge of how to stay sharp in the business world as well as an expertise in the art of fraud management. Simply put, a CEO will view a potential employee with this degree as someone who has the knowledge to protect their business from any malicious threats. You can find out more about this new and highly marketable degree program by looking online.


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