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College System in USA

This article is aimed to help the students who are freshman and have little knowledge about college system in America. And, believe me there are many, particularly among the new immigrants.

Last week I was helping a student who was trying to sign up for all the difficult courses. When I looked into her grades, I found out that if she didn’t perform well this semester, she would be dismissed.

I couldn’t help myself but tell her to drop two difficult courses and work on her GPA (Grade Point Average) in order to stay in College. When I explained to her certain facts, she told me that she never thought that way.

GPA Requirement By Colleges:

Most colleges require their students to maintain a semester and cumulative GPA of 2.0 at its minimum.

If a student has a lower than 2.0 GPA in two consecutive semester, he is dismissed from college and has to stay away one semester. However, students are warned and are put on probation first semester, they have a lower than 2.0. GPA is of grave importance during college years. A good GPA is always helpful in attaining good jobs. As soon as one applies for the job, the employers call to verify the GPA.

Always Visit A Counselor:

Often students do not realize the importance of visiting a counselor. The counselor advices the students exactly what courses to take towards a certain degree. Some times students don’t go to the counselors and select any courses, often barely to be a full time student. It is always a good idea to stay strictly within the requirement of the degree. Courses taken outside the requirement could result in delay of the graduation and waste of time and money.

All schools declare the requirement of a degree in their catalogues. Depending upon the degree one wants to pursue, one can learn about the exact requirement.

It’s A Good Idea To Balance The Courses:

The students are required to finish the core requirement before they can take courses towards their major. However, the courses should be balanced with some difficult and some hard ones. This can help students in devoting enough time towards studies and perform well. Some times students take all the difficult courses together and this brings their Grade Point Average down.

It Pays To Decide Your Major Early:

If the students decide upon their major early in the commencement, they can concentrate on taking the specific courses and not waste time in taking courses that may not be of any use to them later on. Students who decide their major early normally finish under-graduation with 9 semesters some times even 8.

Look for  good professors:

Many a times, students try to get in to the classes basically when the time-schedule is suitable to them. True, they have other commitments or a job to take care of. However, it’s always a good idea to give more importance to a good professor. Students should do their homework. They should try to ask previous students about the credentials of the professors. Nothing against the professors but sometimes, individual professors and individual students click better may be the language. College classroom is totally different than the school therefore, it is very important to select the professor one can understand better.


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