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'Life expectancy has increased dramatically, it is another matter that old people are finding more reasons for dying than for living.' - it is a common refrain thse days that old persons are not accorded due compassion, care and respect these days even though the children have continued to remain recipients of all attention. They say you reap as you sow, Is that a naive view?
Those who are not aware of the complex and interwoven nature of LIFE, are prone to maintain that love, compassion and indulgence evoke similar resonant response. They should better know that law of entropy is continually in operation on the orderly, interwoven and interlinkeduniverse. Preponderance of passion, lust, greed, desire and hate is evidence of this phenomenon.
The model of solar system can illustrate the complex dimmensions of a human family. Parents constituite the nucleus(sun) arund which their sons and daughters are located in their individual orbits. The strong centripetal force of the necleus together with the comparatavively weaker centrifugal forces inherent in the progeny keeps the family intact. With passage of time the strong centripetal force goes on waning  and simultaneously the centrifugal forces go on waxing. This results in the weakening of the bondages of the family. Each member in the orbital position now begins to evolve in the identity of a nucleus and develop its own solar system. Planets just erase their earlier identity; New solar systems develop while the earler one perishes.
Mathematical model of the evolution may be represented by a circle. The center of the circle represents the parents, while points on the circumference constitute progeny. With passage of time, each of these points develops its own separate ad independent circle and itself becomes a center. The old cicle gradually fades because its centipetal force becomes ineffective and the intensity of centrifugal forces of the points on the cicumference increases tremendously.
Progeny grows to become adult and indeppendent of parents----physically as well as emotionally. New horizons,dimensions and challenges, unknown up till now, keep on emeging. Call for fulfilment not merely charms him but takes him in its grip too.. Whereas the parents do not get any focus away from their progeny. They are face to face with the threat of getting irrelevant,Asian societies are struggling with this problem in their present state of development.

Parental bondage is a natural proclivity in order to maximize reproductive success. But nature provides no motivating basis to progeny for allocating energy for the preceding generation. Nevertheless society needs it intensely. Therefore such ideas and emotions need to be inculcated and cultivated. Instincts will not help.Society and family need to be made aware of their valuable ans indispensible contributions. Human society needs a protocol of value-system and conscience to take care of its health. Care of the ageing and now unproductive  members belongs to this category.  


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Comment This article represents the true picture of our day to day modern society who is progressing on the material front but lacking behind all its internal bondage which is an essential to grow as human being.

21-Feb-2011 22:41 PM

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