What do you do?

"What do you do?" is a question I am often asked. 

My response is "I am a Mom and a wife." 

I once told someone I was a domestic engineer and they asked what that was. I said, "I cook, clean, serve, help, do laundry, read nursery rhymes, comb hair, distribute money, taxi kids everywhere, shop, give baths, discipline and anything else that makes the house a home." 

The response I received was nothing short of ingratitude.....he says "oh, ok." I laughed and said "The pay is nothing but the benefits and rewards far outweigh any pay check." His response "You're not supposed to get paid for that stuff anyway." 

After pondering this for a while I decided I do get paid for it, but not with the green stuff. My paycheck consists of hugs, kisses, smiles, thank you Mommy, I love you's, free back rubs from an 8 year old and on those really, really wonderful days when I get that extra special bonus check, I will get a free hair styling, a makeover, fingernails and toenails painted, all served with microwave popcorn and a soda....done by three little people and their leader called Daddy.

Or how about the days when they makeup a play, practice all morning and call it "Telling the truth", then they act just like me and Daddy. Or when I am not feeling well and they tell me "Mommy, its ok, you just rest....we will eat toast bread for dinner and we will make some for you and daddy too!" All served on a lovely paper plate with great joy, excitement and a feeling of "wow! I helped my Mommy today". 

Where else in this world are you going to get service and attitude like that??? Those are the priceless paychecks and guess what else? You don't even have to pay taxes on them!!! 


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