Empowering Our Children

Blessed is the moment when a baby arrives in this world. Every parent feels proud in holding his progeny. As years roll by, some kids do well in school, others shine in college and many make their mark in their careers. Each child is special and each life is precious, every one of us has a talent within. As parents we have to nurture that talent to bring out the best in our child.

Albert Einstein once said: “Every one is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” 

It is natural and human to compare one’s child with another’s. But this comparison can develop a stigma in your child’s personality.

We have to find the talent within our children. It is possible that a child who is not good in academics may be brilliant on the stage. He may find it difficult to memorize the Pythagoras Theorem but his ability to deliver dialogue might astound you. Similarly, a child may excel in sports and be average in academics.  Often in our effort to live our dreams through our children we overlook their ambitions. Sadly we work with a stereotype mind-set that it is important to excel in academics. In our rat race for success we crush the dreams of our child and thereby label him a failure.  We, then, fail to instill confidence in them leaving them insecure and unsure of themselves in life.
Thus, the parents’ role is important. We, the parents have to bring out this talent of our child, nurture it and present it to the world proudly. Comparisons have to be avoided. It is natural and human to compare one’s child with another’s. But this comparison can develop a stigma in your child’s personality. Firstly, he will lose faith in you and secondly he will lose faith in himself. The moment we instill confidence in our child, we are rewarded with success. The mantra for success is “I am the best”. How often do we whisper this mantra to our child? 
Harshit gives a beaming, toothless smile when his father shows-off his painting to his friends, saying “our future artist”. Harshit is six years old. His father’s praise gives him all the power in the world and you can feel the confidence rising in him to do better in his next painting. These confidence-building measures of parents help the children to face any obstacle in life. We all wish our children to do well in life and our faith in their ability helps them to lead a rewarding life. 

Empowering others is not a natural skill. However, you do not have to be a trained management graduate to do it. All it requires is to be little more attentive to your child’s dreams. When it is time for him to remove the support wheels from his cycle, you look into his eyes and tell him that you believe in him and that he can do it. With a little push he comes up to your expectation and learns to balance the cycle. Similarly when he expresses his desire to be an artist, for example, all you have to say with full conviction is “Go for it!” And success will come naturally to your child.  
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Comment Fantastic stuff. I agree that every person in the world is the best in one thing, which noone can match him or her in. The art is to find that special area where one is the best. This comes with grace of God and a watchful eye of the parents. Watch the small things, forget the big ones. When you do this, you will realise that there are no small things, because they have big consequences.

13-Sep-2012 13:06 PM

Comment Good Radha! I do believe in 'I am the best' & 'I know I can'. These two mantras have helped my students to do well wherever they are. But yes First a child has to be instilled with good human values.

Sunita Pant
13-Sep-2012 07:25 AM

Comment One of the things that ones child must dream is to be a good person. All professions later in life are exactly equally good. Some make lots of money, some die fighting for the nations and some become beggars, some professors and some carpenters, you get the drift. All die in the end. Agood teacher teaches a child to be a good person first and foremost, every thing ekse happens due to past lives karm.

I liked yopur article.

A good person is one who does not hurt any one--even an ant, so said Gautam Budha. He was merely a beggar--what a great person !!

Kamal Joshi
12-Sep-2012 13:07 PM

Comment U r on the right track Radha, both in ur writing skills and in ur views on child rearing.
Keep them coming.....Mausi

12-Sep-2012 11:57 AM

Comment Your articles are becoming finer and finer each time. Keep it up-the more you write sharper you become.

12-Sep-2012 08:43 AM

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