Guide to Easy Parenting

First time Parents often wish bringing up kids was easier. Well, here’s good news: It is!! And it always has been; given the right attitude. Nobody knows it better than the old school. The new breed of parents has taken their task so seriously, that it has taken away all the fun from it. Here are top ten tips for your makeover from an idealistic, stressed out parent to being a fun friend for your child. 

  1. Kids are precious; but we don’t put them in lockers. You can’t safeguard every fall. Keep your worries realistic. 
  2. Don’t take parenting too seriously. It is a life long relationship with your children, it has to be some fun too. He doesn’t have to have a fixed daily calorie intake to be healthy. 
  3. Every rule has exceptions. Except rule no. 3. If you really need a break, it’s okay to find a less than ideal babysitter in Television, hot water bathtub, or a packet of chips! 
  4. Rewards and Incentives are your best friends. They are better than even diamonds.
  5. Loosen up your housekeeping. Do not expect your glass center table to be shining all the time when your three-year-old doll likes to play with play-dough there.  
  6. In stress situations, give them concrete idea of time, count from 1 to 10 before blowing it out. Instead of saying, “Keep it back” ten times, try “If you do not keep that bowl back till I finish my counting till ten, you’ll get a timeout. 
  7. You can not guarantee the success or character of your children, parents are just one important factor in it. We have to accept things we can’t change. If your girl is shy and introvert, stop pushing her to be the star of the class. Less than champion children are not just okay, but great, sometimes even better. Don’t fret over little stuff like mastering nursery rhymes. Don’t burn them out. Your kids would be nearly as perfect as you yourself are. 
  8. Don’t measure your success by theirs. It will, undoubtedly, bring you a lot of pride, but your success as a person is not solely dependent on your success as a parent. For that matter, If a child is successful in the material world, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a parent has been successful in parenting. 
  9. Do not be available always. Set limits. Act yourself as an adult and treat them as a kid. Kids today are very smart and understand quickly the extent to which they can use their parents. While loving, cherishing and taking care of the kids is a beautiful work to do, set aside strict limits for you. Do not sacrifice everything you loved to do for the sake of your child. 
  10. Prioritize what values do you believe is a must in your child. Concentrate on them and live with the other natural personality traits of your child. A child is a lovely gift, love and cherish it, trying to improve him all the time is simply spoiling the natural beauty of this gift.     


More by :  Garima Gupta

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