What My Mom Did Not Teach Me!

There are a lot of do's and don'ts that my mother told me while I was growing up. She gave me the perfect training considering the era and the conditions prevailing then. Some things were said, some not said, some simply exemplified and many left unsaid for me to understand on my own.

My mother always taught me to respect authority. Be compassionate, kind and respectful towards others. She also taught me in order to get respect I needed to be respectful towards my husband, which I do. She taught me to put him at top priority, which I do. She taught me never to talk back to him in public, which I don't do. All this she did not say I should do but she showed me and I picked up. This is the way she always treated my father.

However, she never taught me to stand up for myself, to fight for my rights, not to take blame for something I didn't do. She did not teach me to be treated equal. I understand the basic difference in a man's and a woman's physical creation. Considering the times I was in, my mother was convinced that the only way to keep harmony and peace in my life was to be treated the way a woman was being treated. However, this has nothing to do with what she wanted for me. She definitely did not want me to be in the same spot as her.

My mother didn't realize that she was all the time reinforcing in me the courage and strength to face the world totally differently than she did. Every time I looked in her eyes the pain and suffering of being a weaker sex - woman, I reminded myself I wasn't going to be like her. And I turned out to be a very strong, courageous and independent person.

It's a different thing that I don't have to exercise my training in my home. My husband is a nice person. Besides the flame of our love that ignited over 25 years ago is still on!


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Comment Thank you Reflections, absolutely agree.

30-Aug-2016 10:53 AM

Comment Nice write up with a true life experience.
It is not always necessary to learn the lessons of life from what is taught by our parents or what are parents want us to be. There are also occassions where we get life's lessons on what we should not do or be, by just observing not just our parents but those around us and learning from their experiences.
I have learnt a lot as to what i should do or what I should not be, from such experiences of my parents and many around me, during my growing age.

17-Aug-2016 06:53 AM

Comment Thanks Murthy!

22-Apr-2013 13:48 PM

Comment Simple,straight and enjoyable, it's "what comes from the heart goes to the heart of a writing' that charms and maybe comes only naturally to one.

BS Murthy
19-Apr-2013 10:28 AM

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