A Family of Four

It was a family of four -- the grandfather, his young son and daughter-in-law, and the grandson. The young couple purchased a two-room apartment. As there was no room for the old man, he was located in the attic, and provided with a bell to tinkle when he needed some help. T

he old man used to ring the bell each morning, and during the day for his daily needs. Gradually the young couple became negligent, and at times ignored the belling. The young son felt very bad about this attitude of his parents. The young son cheerfully attended the bell, and fulfilled the needs of his grandfather, with the result that the grandfather became very fond of his grandson. One morning the bell did not ring. The young parents were least bothered about it. But the grandson was worried and went up to the attic to find out that the grandfather was no more. The grandson located the grandfather's bell, and lovingly kept it with him. He climbed down and informed his parents that the grandfather was no more.

At this point the parents got the shock of their life, and went up to the attic with tears in their eyes. The father frantically started looking for the bell, but failed to find it.

At last he asked his son, "Where is the grandfather's bell?"

The son replied, "I have kept it with me". 

The father shouted, "Why have you kept the bell with you? hand it over to me immediately". 

The scared son replied with tears in his eyes, "Dad I willl be keeping it for you'.

(Ref: Zee Pan Parag Cinema Awards at Dubai on 27.2.2004.)


More by :  Dr. Frank S. K. Barar

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