Couples are Made by Togetherness

I am writing this in response to a few queries I had received regarding my earlier article. "Most Marriages don't end up in Companionship".

Let's see if I look back at my life may be I could be of help to some of my readers. My husband is an obsessive type of person. The evidence being, our websites that are very young. The content and the popularity of the site are self-explanatory how much time the site has taken away from my home and me.

We were only married a couple of years and his obsession took place in his being a chess player. He would play chess with a friend for hours and till morning sometimes. This bothered me so much that I started looking for a solution to our problem. The only thing I could think of was to learn chess myself. Soon I started beating him and his Shatranj Ka Khilari was out of our life.

Then his obsession went towards learning Homeopathy. Day in and day out he would be only reading and practicing. The whole neighborhood would be at our doorstep for help. People who live in India could understand this expression well. Since this also involved my kids' treatment, I picked up the book myself.

Soon he started talking in some alien language of astrology. I couldn't just sit there and listen to something I didn't understand. I am a very egoist person and I had to learn astrology myself so I would at least understand what he was talking about.

And there was this learning computer and so on and so forth. I must confess I fought for 4 years for his spending time on the Net. Finally, I gave in to writing for him on a regular basis.

In the past, I have made every effort to be part of what he knows. With the result we both have lot in common to talk and communicate. Even when I was fighting for the Net, he forced me to be informed about his site. Lot of times, I didn't seem interested he still talked and talked. He persists - somehow he motivates!

One of us has to make efforts. Now even he responds to my gossip about the colleagues at work and my kitchen talk. He watches TV with me the movies. It's sharing and togetherness.

By the way he is at his motivation zeal again and he is teaching me. Guess what? Web designing.

We can all start. The key is to share and be together. It's never too late.


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