When Money Speaks, Truth Remains Silent

Money, money everywhere,
Everywhere, everywhere!
On the roads, in the sky
In the death and life gone by!
Money here, money there
Money, money everywhere!

Believe it or not! The earth is revolving around Money - the ultimate God. Many people have come and gone by and many are living legends. Their name and fame may not remain after them. But money is immortal. It never dies. Money was created by man yet it has won over man.

Today where there is corruption in every part of the world nothing can move without money. Say, for instance, the tehelka.com scam. What happened? A handful of corrupt ministers were selling their country's defence for a few lakhs of rupees. Is it so cheap? Oh! Just chuck it out. Its money after all.

We have a constitution in which the Indian Penal Code (IPC) is registered. There are so many officers working in the police force. Some officers are also corrupt. Rapists, murderers, dacoits quite a few from these categories get released without even filing a FIR. Who is going to ask them? If at all asked the answer would be, "Upar se phone aa gaya tha sahab". Oh! Just chuck it out. Its money after all.

The newspapers nowadays publish ads more than articles and news. If at all they publish some true news involving big politicians or ministers they are forced by some higher forces to publish corrigendum. Some important news, which has a great truth in it, will not be published if there are ads giving more money. Oh! Just chuck it out. Its money after all.

We live on this soil yet we are bound to ignore all these things. Uh! After all when money speaks, truth is silent.   


More by :  Sujata Iyer

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Comment nice points

Shakoor Bulledi
15-Jan-2023 13:19 PM

Comment Very good

10-Oct-2018 12:07 PM

Comment assalam o alaikum
surely nowadays truth is silent when money speaks ...its so true...but always remember truth can pay you in hereafter but money cant ..truth never dies it is revealed one day or the other...
yes dear money cant buy everything ,it cant buy love , it cant buy sincerity ,loyalty ,trust,and most importantly happiness...

07-Jun-2015 11:32 AM

Comment money can not by everything? can any one answer this?

12-Jan-2013 00:55 AM

Comment This all is true... What is happening here in this world... its all corruption

07-Dec-2011 12:16 PM

Comment Assalamualyku,

My Dear Friend,

I agreed with your writing, because i am also part of this soecity and facing such kind of matters. without money nobody agree to perform his or her duty.
Even Molvi, Pandit or charh father could not pary for you.

My dear for all human God safe them and forgive our bad practices.


Sohail Afsar from PAKSITAN

I am not a good writer so please forgive me.

01-Dec-2011 22:34 PM

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