Heart Speaks or Soul Talk

Do words mean so much or does life mean so much? 

I feel so comfortable when I feel love around me. No matter whether it is an article I read about love, or a movie, or any drama, anything and everything about love affects me deeply. But I have to accept one thing one powerful vision that drags me in to the soul and makes me listen to all my soul conversations is the media, especially some lovable movies that are classically made. I wonder sometimes how powerful these feelings are. They just eat me in when I think about them. 

You may wonder what I have been leading to. I am talking about the beautiful feeling that happens inside me when I watch some beautifully made movies. And how they affect my thoughts and drag me towards my own thoughts. When I say the word "love" it is not restricted to just one feeling that exists between a man and a woman. It is inside every form of object. It needs to be perceived in a proper way else it vanishes unrecognizably or else is misinterpreted badly. It's like oxygen, which is all around us but which can never be noticed only be inhaled.

When I think about some person whom I wanted to be with always or at least wanted to spend little time talking to them I feel touched and moved, emotionally blocked sometimes. But if they are not there or they are busy in some other job and refuses to meet me I feel shattered. I feel very angry and hurt about that situation. Irrelevant questions about what or who is more important to them begins to crowd my mind. I cannot concentrate on all my other jobs. Well, all of them become so unimportant all of a sudden, whatever their earlier priority in my life may have been. 

If a friend with whom you have lost touch remembers your birthday and sends a card that is engraved with emotional words, the moment when you read it a great joy pumps in and you feel the whole world is revolving around you. Every time you think about that person you seem to see them as your most favorite person. And all of the sudden you feel like you are being noticed by every one. Every instance that happens around you looks as though its been made for you specially. The breeze that flows on your face, the little street dog that wags its tail when it notices u, a butterfly suddenly tapping your shoulder, every single incident no matter how silly and normal they are, appear to be laden with great importance to you. Your face is filled with great joy and a beautiful smile the whole day. That day would have a great importance in your life. Perhaps a memorable day that you would always recollect with fond memories and a smile. All because someone sent you a birthday card. Sounds simple right?? Yet so full of meaning affecting your life not just one day but for on and on. 

What is that great ingredient that made one day of your life so important? Its simply nothing but the feeling that tells you that you are being liked by some person you never thought of. The feeling that helped you realize that you r being cared by some one unexpected. That simple greeting with most powerful words on earth would be preserved by you more carefully than a diamond. Life seem to be so meaningful. 

Sometimes a few minute commercial song means so much when you hum it. You feel that happiness and completeness in you when you sing it. If you look behind the reason for it, you find that there is some beauty you liked hidden behind those commercial song's lyrics. It would probably reveal that passion in you that you never realized. Love is around you in every single form that you can never predict. Some of us have the habit of preserving silly things like chocolate wrappers, feather, bottle caps, a thread from your favorite dress etc. If some one accidentally throws them you really get wild. Can you explain the reason if some one asks for it? Well definitely not! Its that soothing feeling that is with you whenever you are with those lifeless objects that make your life more lively. 

Some say that these are meaningless things. I can declare one thing about such people. They are all people who successfully found the meaning of their life and failed to experience the meaningless joy around them every fraction of second. Love is definitely a whole packet of energy that makes you climb the sky. It makes all your seconds more valuable. Love always exists between every one you mingle with. It has no boundary, enemy or friend. You would also discover some good thing in your enemy, there is always a good thing hiding inside every heart. And whenever a living thing comes in contact with this good thought it blossoms into love. No matter how much you hide them from others; you cannot hide this truth from yourself.

Though you have this love and affection for others it is always 'the time' that explains it and makes it more meaningful. So do find the right time to make others understand your affection. Never feel too bad to wish your friend 'belated wishes' no matter how late it is. It is not always too late to tell some one that you care about them a lot. This 'belated wishes' would then turn to be the best birthday present your friend ever received for birthday. The thought of love and care for some one is considered 'valuable' only if that is understood by the person whom you like. "It is utter stupidity to sacrifice your life and your affection for someone who never ever bothers about you and your feelings. Instead of wasting your time to make them understand your care for them, try to understand the trust and faith others have on you." This sentence is especially for those teenagers who waste their life on unrequited love totally unbothered about the faith and trust their parents have on their future!

If you want to make your life more valuable and fun-filled then don't be calculative in each and every single conversation you have with others. Do not always expect things from others and if at all you expect something from others and it fails then try to learn something about the situation. Don't try to blame someone for it and don't change your attitude about that person you have all the sudden. There is some good, lovable quality in every worst thing you consider. Love is a secret password inside you if you can hack it and try to use it in every global system ( every living things in world) then you can have all the secret password of every other system. You can make any place a peaceful world where god and goodness join their hands, sharing the life's secrecy with all !

A Tamil saying in Tanglish : "Anbirku unndo adaikum thazl" - " Love has no boundaries'."  


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15-Jul-2011 08:28 AM

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