All Psyched Up

After the World War, it was for the first time that terror made an altogether global impact, with the plane crash at the twin WTC buildings in Upper Manhattan. The twin towers, a symbol of the American prosperity and signifying the Land of Opportunities were pulled down by the terrorists.

The background can be analyzed in various angles, each showcasing an interesting insight. The terrorists are out of sync with the moving times. They treat women worse than stray dogs, are the harshest of dictators and use the name of religion to shatter peace. In the name of service to the religion and to the ultimate creator, they recruit unemployed youths from all around the world and train them for death in the name of JEHAD. Actually those who recruit the underdogs are themselves so coward that they always are under cover and under ground. They can't go beyond giving orders and receiving them.

For these unfit psycho-maniacs, disruption of normal day-to-day life of common people is the most important target to be achieved by any means. They can go to any extent to achieve it and can hide under the unquestionable concept of service to religion. But hardly are these mis-interpreters of religions questioned. They are infact encouraged by the well to do class of society through funds and donations. The entire money collected is finally used to shed blood and create heaps of corpses, who once were innocent people. There are no words to describe these unwanted and unwarranted acts. Words fail to describe uncivil, unethical, inhuman and cowardly acts.

But to think of it, Osama bin Ladin can't be the only person involved in it. One human brain is not enough to catch the entire US security satellite systems napping. Many more governments sponsoring terrorism and Jehads are involved, most of them surrounding India and recognizing the Taliban Government.

India has herself shed an ocean of blood due to such terrorist breeding neighbors since Independence. In the 1990's the financial capital of India, Bombay, now Mumbai was bombed. The miscreants are supposedly being kept under vigil and proper care at Pakistan. Pakistan has also bred a lot of terrorist training camps on the other side of the Indian Border.

The United States fight for "Infinite Injustice" should not be a selfish act of revenge, but a thoroughly organized operation to pierce the seed of terrorism and make it extinct.

I am intoxicated by the smell of the earth, after the first hint of rains, not for hurting you, but for giving my senses immeasurable pleasure. I follow my religion, not to hurt you, but for my inner peace and sharing the attachment with my ancestors. I don't dominate the females in my religion and don't dictate terms of life or dressing, because its their life, not mine. Religion doesn't tell me to kill people, but my mind does. So who is the enemy? Religion or Me? Every mis-interpreter of religion is a traitor. If it so, why are people following jehad?    


More by :  Deepak Chandrasekaran

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