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The moment I see the fluffy blue clouds floating in the sky, I feel as though somebody who is good, lovable, kind, with all good qualities in the world, to put it in a single word "Angel of Goodness" is talking to me. Though virtual the conversations between us are real. At that moment my thoughts would waver around several unrelated events for example the reason behind the undesirable happenings or else some good thing that is about to happen. It is all just a feeling in a fraction of second. But after that, I feel some change in me. Some good energy pumping through my body, breezing my soul, comforting my inner self. Anything and everything that makes my heart light. But they are as ephemeral as a dewdrop and as illusionary as the pot of gold. 

There is also some reality in our life that we need to face. Pleasant illusions are just boost ups in our life. Sometimes strange and bold decisions are taken at this moment. These factors are great motivators when we are struggling to come up in life. Can I call these motivators Creativity or Belief? In fact, they are a mixture of both. Creativity triggered by Belief. Or is it the other way around? 

Creativity is the factor that makes life more meaningful, more content and more admirable. It is there in every form of life, only the proportions vary. Writing compositions may bring the young one's creativity but not necessary that it is same for all. The way the child holds the ball or the terms the child uses to describe relations etc may determine his or her creative factor. How far does someone use this factor? The answer to this question helps in making life a grand success or a stinking failure that one would prefer to bury in the sands of anonymity. 

Talking in front of mirror keeping a certain person in your mind may make others think you are crazy but it may give you real pleasure. This is not to say that all the crazy things can be tagged under the title of creativity. But how far is a thing comforting to you matters a lot too. Unknowingly there is a secret reaction for this action of yours. When you talk in front of the mirror you, play the part of both. This means you are the one who starts and continues (ends) the conversation. So, when you really meet that person you would handle the situation with great confidence. There are situations where the appreciation you expect from others never turn on you. Getting depressed at those times is quite natural. Instead of berating the situation around us, if we try to appreciate ourselves it would do the job with a silent reaction. This silent reaction towards the assumed action (creativity) is called Belief. 

Beliefs are not just empty words but words of truth. Our thoughts are so powerful; they have the power of molding us. Making our thoughts pure is other way of making ourselves pure and successful. These thoughts are expressed in form of actions when we constantly think about them. If they are creative, no one can stop our success. Human mind has got great powers. One of the great powers is reading thoughts. We mortals can read thoughts of any living thing. Meditation helps in this process. The wavelength of thoughts in a person during meditation can reach any distance. One who is in need of peace really needs meditation. This is also a thinking process. Thinking about nothing. Whenever your teacher complaints to your parent that you are always dreaming in the class don't worry about that. Try relating your dreams to the subject so that there is no need to work very hard during examination time. If your thoughts are good and creative then you don't need to worry about the situations and circumstances. Proceed with them they would really help you in presenting a better version of yourself in front of society. The story behind every invention is creative thoughts. Compromise in good thoughts never leads. Every one of us has our own way of expressing thoughts and they determine our individuality. No one knows how powerful he or she is. A Human of good thoughts is nature's best compliment to Human kind.  

S. Lakshmigeetha, completed her Batchelor degree in Computer Science. Currently doing MCA at Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering. Painting is her breath. Anything and everything that inspires her is added to her collections. She loves singing and aims to make an Animation Film.


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