Get Up Get Glowing - 2

Today I am exploring the dry skin and the ways to give it a special glow. Unlike oily skin where the problem is to take off the extra shiny look, dry skin has to be pampered to get that skinny glowing look.

Dry Skin

How to Identify It?
Feels tight and dry after cleansing. Cold weather and/or dry air makes it rough and flaky.

A moisturizing cleanser or cleansing bar should leave skin feeling clean, fresh and smooth without dryness. Use a soothing formula twice a day.

Gently sweep non-alcohol toner over skin with a cotton ball. (If even mild toners dry and irritate, skip this step.)

Opt for a creamy formula rather than one labeled "oil-free." Extra assistance-alpha-hydroxy acids help smooth and exfoliate while ingredients such as vitamin E, aloe and panthenol soothe. (Check labels.) Apply while skin's still damp after cleansing to seal in moisture. But dot and blend; don't glop it on. Skin should feel fresh and moist, not greasy!

Use a salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide cream to spot-treat any blemishes. A moisturizing mask once a week exfoliates and smoothes. All but the creamiest grains over-dry.

Make Up
A moisturizing foundation helps protect and soften and delivers the smoothest coverage. Just add cream blush.

Extra Advice
If skin's super dry, you may prefer to tissue off cleanser rather than rinse. 


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