Teenage Troubles

Each and every child definitely has to cross the 'dangerous' teenage. It is like tight rope walking. They should not lose their balance both physically and mentally. Further the children face with maximum problems during this period. 

First and foremost they lose their concentration and their mind is pre occupied with many many matters-both useful and useless. They are not able to judge what is right and what is wrong. This adolescent age is very dangerous mainly in boys and they become a prey to many vices. 

Secondly nowadays as both the parents are working literally they have no time to spend with their children. The teenagers have plenty of time at their disposal – watching all filthy channels on the television and browsing the net makes their mind polluted. 

Thirdly, any amount of advice does not solve their problem. Instead they get irritated and shout back. Further commenting on all elders and people around them becomes a habit. 

Fourthly, friends play an important part in this age. They will do anything for the sake of their friends. They will lie, steal and do what not. Stealing money from their own house, becoming drug addicts, smoking etc are all very common among teenagers.

Last but not the least, due to the hormone changes in the body, the physical appearance matters a lot for them and curiosity to know about sex, they get easily attracted by the opposite sex. "Infatuation becomes order of the day"

Its only the love and care given at home can bring alarming changes in them and a good communication with parents will give them full confidence for their future life.


More by :  M. Sri Vidya

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