Science and Modern Inventions

The development of science has indeed influenced the life of man greatly. The comforts that a common man enjoys today would have been envied by the kings of the past. Diseases that were once dreaded can be easily cured today. Science is making man come as near to infallibility as possible. 

Today one can watch happenings across the globe in the comfort of our home on the television. We can open our eyes to a whole New World by exploring the life underwater, places having importance and other aspects in channels like the Discovery and National Geographic. One can also adjust the room temperatures using devices like the air conditioner and heater. Transportation is now quicker and more comfortable than ever before. Credit cards have almost eradicated the mundane and often risky job of carrying money everywhere. More recently with the advent of smart cards, a single card can do the job of more than one card. For example you can buy petrol, pay your grocer and call up your roommate using the same card. This eliminates the necessity of a wallet full of cards. Smart cards also allow you to store a certain amount of data that can also be password protected. Science has indeed enabled man to come a long way from the days of barter exchange. Computers, the email and the Internet have taken science to new levels of excellence. 

Use of scientific methods in weather forecasting has given it levels of accuracy never before enjoyed by it. It has made predictions of earthquakes, floods and other such natural disasters possible which makes taking corrective purposes possible. Remedial measures can also be taken swiftly. 

Like any coin having two sides, science also is a victim to a number of hazards. Nuclear armaments can cause terrible devastation. Misuse of science can lead to havoc. Though science has lead to industrial development, it has also gifted us with pollution that causes many a dreaded disease. It has made man more materialistic thus widening the gap between man and God. 

But science should not be entirely blamed. A tree, which gives fruits, can also be used as a weapon to kill. It is the bad quality of the man who misuses the tree that should be blamed. Similarly men using science for undesirable purposes should be blamed for the ill effects caused by it. 

Aditya V Iyer is a 15-year-old from Mumbai, India. He aspires to be a computer engineer. Computers and sports are his twin passions in life.   


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Comment well description .its truly remarkable.i do agree with all above mention points

syeda fatima naqvi
25-May-2012 16:14 PM

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