Word: A Powerful Weapon

One powerful weapon in the world that can keep a man both dead and alive is "Word". Sometimes I feel its better to be dumb and deaf. Being so, I can never ever listen to words that really really break my heart, being so I can never ever speak the words that may hurt someone who is so meaningful to me. You may like a person a lot, each and everything they do may bother you a lot, but how do you make them understand this care of yours is very important. Its is not enough if you have "this love for others stuck allover your heart; or circling it over and over your thoughts; or just lisp those words that you always wanted to say in a way only your ears can hear. what's so important is how do you use this powerful weapon "WORD" in a more efficient way within the minimum chance given to you.

We cannot be so meaningful and lovable to others always but nothing is wrong trying not to be rude and not to be stupid all the time. When I was a kid, I used to get lot of scolding from my mother. Some of them I really deserved but many times I never knew the reason. She would be angry with someone else but vent them on me. Words that came out of her mouth were not intentional. I can understand it now at this age but at that little age it hurt me a lot. I use to feel so lonely and disturbed. It is not only in my case now a days many parents are doing this mistake. It is all because of the heavy workload they carry. Tension has become life's most important ingredient. 

When we are angry we don't realize what we are speaking, what words comes out of our lips. We lose control of our tongue. We don't really mean what we say but what we said is said. We can't take them back. Words can wound a heart, words can also heal a heart but remember wound may heal but the scar remains. Each and every touch of the scar would serve as a reminder of the pain inflicted by the words that you never meant to say in the first place. Some times its better to keep our mouth shut rather than speaking something.

When your father scolds you for a mistake that you never committed, its quite natural on your part to shout back. But that would not help in proving yourself. Rather try to make yourself cool and explain the situation to your father when he calms down and also tell him politely how his words hurt you. Then observe your father's reaction, he would definitely respect you a lot in future. He may hide this reaction but what's important is you made him think about you in a nice way. By doing so, you are fixing two things. One controlling yourself, two is helping others to rectify their mistake.

There are some people in this world who never bother what others feel. They live their life to hurt others. Each and every little word they speak would pierce one good soul in this world. We shouldn't bother them. Just snubbing is the correct way to handle them. 

One aspect that impressed me lot in Sadhus is that they speak occasionally. And that to whatever they speak would be meaningful and apt to the situation. They knew everything past, present and future but they never show it on their face. Its difficult for an ordinary man to remain silent watching the situation. But it is very easy to speak selectively. When you are really angry it means you have to be little cautious about what you speak. Because it is at this situation words just come out letting the mouth take over your mind. Little thinking and patience would solve the problem. We don't have to work a lot on it. Just remember these little words they would guide you.

"Words are also actions, and actions are a kind of words." ' Ralph Waldo Emerson.    


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