What is Beauty?

"Bada hua to kya hua, Jaise ped khajoor" 

"Panthi to chaya nahin, Phal laage atti dooor"

We all know that it's an old adage. But it teaches us a right lesson always. Here in this adage, Kabir ji talks about a date tree which grows so tall and its fruit grows far as well that it is very hard for us to reach up and get them. It doesn't provide us shade so travelers can't even take rest under it. They just look at and pass by. It just tells us that there is no use to be proud on anything of yours until or unless its unable to give happiness to other people and share their sorrows or not helpful to other people. 

Today using the same adage I want to talk about Personal Beauty. We all know that beauty doesn't need any kind of ornaments. It is a gift from God to Human being. The person who gets blessed by nature, He gets blessed with precious beauty. A beautiful person, who has beautiful personality, gives a different kind of impression on others. Everybody likes beautiful person. 

Every body wants to be beautiful to have beautiful impression on other people. Whole world's cosmetics are just working on to make women beautiful, but its true that you can buy things with money but can't buy real beauty. You just can buy things with money to make it true. But the Creator doesn't want any kind of change in his creation. 
It is true that you look like nice if you have white skin, but just having white skin is not everything. It doesn't have to do everything with your personality. And instead of that the person whose skin color is okay (neither white neither black) can have better personality than the person having white skin color. Everything that shines doesn't mean its gold. If people are successful, its not because they are physically beautiful, Its just of their intelligence, the way they understand, their own understandings, their knowledge and their positive attitudes.

We see dancers from southern part of India; they are the best dancers and have made a different place in our hearts and in whole world too. Even P.T. Usha, She made a very different place in hearts of Sports lovers. We all know about Maharaja Ranjit Singh (From Punjab) He just was able to see with one eye. He was a great person! And has Great place in our history too. The Way he did justice was awesome! And moreover He was able to see just with one eye and we call that That is eye of Justice. We respect him a lot. And People loved him so much too. So did he. He saw every person with one eye, even doing his justice. That one eye means all people were at one and equal place. No one was poor, rich, black or white for him. 

We all know that Nature is like kind and smiling mother. Lets talk about Mother Nature. 

A Parrot is a beautiful bird but parrot harms the farmer's field by eating his crop Ex. Maize. If we see a honeybee, what is its job? We get honey from this bee, but if the same bee bites you and then it makes you cry too. You feel so much pain. 

I have a big old mango tree (in India) and I used to see a little black bird but when I saw the bird's nest, you won't believe, The bird's brain surprised my brain:) And on the same mango tree, a black bird cuckoo used to come, but if you think about a black bird you won't imagine that it is so beautiful, but when you hear cuckoo's voice it is so sweet. About snake, nature has blessed a snake with its own beauty with very soft skin, with beautiful colors on body but I am sure you won't like to imagine what if the same snake bites someone. Right? 

Your beauty is not a true beauty until you don't get to know what is a real beauty means? 

You see ugly eagles flying in the sky, but they help us to keep our environment clean. 

It's amazing thing to see in nature. And this nature teaches us. 

When I was little I used to hear a story about "Puran Bhagat" from my Gr. Pa. Puran Bhagat's step mom was so beautiful but when we get to know the story we don't like what she did. She won't have that much respect in our eyes. She tried to make Puran bhagat's father to stay away from his son and make Prince her son, who was step br. of Puran Bhagat and was younger than Puran too. Puran argued about this to his mom too and went to jungle to find God and At last he did. And came to know the true reality. 

I know our appearance is important. Although everybody wants to be good Looking; are beautiful people always happier people? They must be having some problems with being very beautiful too! Don't you think so? Being attractive is like being rich- it can help you find happiness, but it doesn't always make you happy. Simply try to be an interesting person. For Interesting people have interesting faces, and interesting faces are almost always attractive. 

The pride of physical beauty, your skin color is not stable forever. People say Physical beauty is not forever. It's just a guest for 4 days. The beauty is what is in your inside, that is beauty and that will live forever. Beauty is in good things what you do. Your nice behavior with others, the way you understand a person, the way you trust a person, the way you love a person, the way you care, the way you share, your honesty and your self- confidence. It makes your personality so beautiful. 

One thing to remember: People will forget what you say; People will forget what you do; but they will never forget what you made them feel. You are unique, and your character is unique. Never feel any kind of lack in you. To live wonderful you have to feel wonderful! 

Some body said so true that a beautiful woman is a diamond BUT truthful, Honest, trustworthy woman is a treasure. And finally I would like to say that Beautiful person is that who does beautiful, who says beautiful and who feels beautiful and helps other people to do the same!      


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Comment What Is True Beauty?

Nature is true beauty as it is living truth;
Beauty of temple deity is truth as it's changeless art;
It's ever youthful and won't die as it's immortal;
It is beauty, truth, love, justice and goodness in one!

Beauty is truth as God resides ever there;
True beauty is love as god lives there;
True beauty is justice as God is changeless there;
Real beauty is goodness as God is truth there!

Words of truth, love and justice are voice of God;
Words of philosophic truth in verse are His beautiful voice;
All believe in philosophy as it says eternal truth;
True beauty is realized so in various names ever!

Various manifestations of beauty reflect various aspects of God;
It is all in one God and whose beauty is expressed by art as His many names!

T A Ramesh
29-Jul-2022 06:43 AM

Comment Beauty is truth, any thing but TRUTH.. Taking about truth, I am remembering story of HARISCHANDRA. Truth brings near to religion and let me ask me you why there are different religions in different parts of the world. And further, two/four religions are empowering the world -- like Hinduism, Christian, Islam, Buddha etc. What about norman ? Why different religions? When God made equal man and woman?Why so? Can you answer? Read Gita or Bible or Koran.

pranlal sheth
19-Apr-2016 09:44 AM

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