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A Flashback

What would you like to be remembered as in this life?

When this question was put before me, at my young age, I felt confused at first. But after thinking seriously about it I tried to picture myself as a grown-up woman loved, respected and wanted by all.

I looked around me for role models whom I can follow easily. Then I realized my mother was the best example of the kind of woman I wanted to become. She is a dutiful wife and a loving mother. She keeps the house clean and beautifully arranged. She cooks delicious and nutritious food. She helps my father in running the family. She helps us children in our studies. She is very good in fine arts like music, painting, embroidery and making lovely works of art. She maintains a beautiful garden.

My mother is very soft by nature and I have never seen her speaking angrily to any one. She is very generous kind-hearted. She readily offers any help she can to anyone who needs it. She is a very good friend to all our neighbors.

I have always admired the nice hospitality my mother reveals while receiving our friends and relatives. Good manners and discipline come naturally to me because my mother is such a cultured lady.

Even though my mother had college education she chose to be a housewife. Family is her first concern. She is also a busy and active woman. She finishes her household work quickly and finds enough time to do extra work for increasing the family’s income. She is a LIC agent and an educational consultant. The lovely greeting cards, wall hangings and artificial flower bouquets she makes bring considerable amount of money. Thus without going to work in any office for constraining hours she is able to earn extra income for the family.

I have never seen her sitting idly for a second. She teaches her painting skill to whoever is interested in learning it. She is keeping in touch with modern trends and has become computer-literate. She has the potential to do small computer-related jobs for further income.

In short my mother inspired me to grow up into a sincere woman who does service with a smile. An educated, caring mother is like a candle that fills the room with light driving out darkness. ”If you want to happy, make someone else happy”, is a wise saying. It is equally true that happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops sprinkled on yourself.

In today’s world of stress and struggle it is a great thing if I can bring cheer, hope and liveliness to my family and surroundings. It is also important to be educated and well-informed. When the mind is enlightened with knowledge there is no place in it for cheap feelings and low thoughts.

The world is full of opportunities. We must look for them. If we cannot get what we like we must learn to like what we get. It will be very useful to develop our ability to adapt to our circumstances. At the same time we must chase our dreams and try our level best to achieve them. To dream and to dare shall be our objectives.

Every girl cannot become a Florence Nightingale or Mother Theresa. But everybody can show charity within their own limits. A poet has long ago said that love of fellow-men is love of God.

Every girl cannot become a great leader like Mrs. Indira Gandhi or Mrs. Bandaranayaka. But we can all develop administrative skills in the small circle we belong to.

Every girl cannot become P.T.Usha or Steffi Graf and win laurels in the world of sports. But we can at least keep ourselves physically fit and healthy, capable of working tirelessly for ourselves and others.

Every girl cannot reach the heights of fine arts like M.S. Subbulakshmi or Rukmani Devi. But we can be artistic enough to add color and light to our homes and neighborhood.

To conclude, I would like to be remembered as a ray of sunshine which was a source of warmth to family and friends. Finally I want to quote an old prayer which is my guiding principle in life.

”O Lord, grant me the strength to change things that need changing, the courage to accept things that cannot be changed, and the wisdom to know the difference.”


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