Benefits of a Beau

I have seen so many girls deploring having a steady boy friend lately that it makes me wonder if they have taken leave of their senses. All those "how can one go out with the same person day after day" or " I am just looking, no booking" or worse yet "I value my independence" . Goodness gracious gal what's the use of all these if you don't have someone to share it with? Could it be really possible that they haven't considered all the merits of having a steady (not necessarily permanent) boyfriend.

First of all you are never short of a date. No more fishing out your little black book and filtering the good from the jerk and calling up a guy only to have him ask you "Er..... have we met before?" Now all you have do is dial your beau and mention that you "feel" like going out with him. And if he says he is busy, ........ just pout and say "Is it more important than me?" Its bound to work. 100% effective and the side effects are sure enjoyable. 

You get to have you own personal credit card. Why bother carrying cash everywhere when you got a boy friend to manage all such stuff for you. And if he is indecent enough not to offer to pay well all you have to do is put on a stupid face and grumble "Oh how stupid. I left my credit card at home. I am such a dumb head at such things. Guess I have to return all the stuff I bought. A pity, I liked them soooooo much " The poor guy has no choice other than to offer to buy them for you

You don't have to depend on your parents lending you the car. All you gotta do is call up your "dear" boy friend and say that you want to get a spot of shopping done and would he mind accompanying you coz you love his company so much and time flies when he is around in a saccharine sweet voice. And if he politely says he has to watch a football game, you are up against trouble. You can always try the "Is it more important than me?" and "I was so looking forward to spend time with you" lines but success isn't guaranteed. You can never predict men.

You get a yes-man for free. He will say "yes" to whatever you ask (at least till the third date) If you ask "Don't I look really pretty today?" he will say yes even though he might be looking more intently at the car parked in the curb than at you. Ask him "Does the new hairdo suit me?" he will say yes. though his eyes will be glued to the cute little cheer leader sitting in the garden. You just have to know when to ask. Like in middle of the Wimbledon. Then he will say yes even if you mutter "Getting stuck to you was the dumbest thing I ever did " Like I said you can never predict men. 

You also get a full time body guard free of cost. Any jerk who ogles at you will be taken care of by him. You just have to approach him and say with the right amount of fear and disgust in your voice. "You know that Beefy. he always looks at me "that" way. You know what I mean. And oh I feel creeps all over my body" and you can be sure that full efforts will be made to stop Beefy looking at you that way. And if your beau lands up with a black eye and Beefy wins, all I can say is Beefy is a better bet as a boyfriend and it's okay to let him look at you that way.   


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