Rediscovering The Lifeline

  Bizarre desire leasing the way yon beyond the horizon,
I kept walking in pace with thy desires.
I had started with a valor
to conquer the sun and capture the moon.

Knowingly, unknowingly I was in the
mighty race of the mankind heading
towards the epitome of nothing…
in search of the unknown!

Suddenly something clogged me.
I stopped, I reflected back upon the path,
that I had traveled and the hurdles I had crossed
and then unto the road ahead spanning mystically in front of me!

It was then I realized I had lost myself!
Somewhere, sometime…. not just thyself,
but the pleasure, the halcyon joy of the small things around me
and the little gestures of kindness hallowed upon.

Going back in the lanes of memory, to the stage of a child,
which I was once upon a time, I remembered the little joy,
the happiness I got from the life around me, as a child blessed
with innocence as white as a lily and as pure as the rain drops.

I knew , at last I found me, my true self
buried deep within me yearning not just for glory and pride,
but for the long lost happiness true
from the bottom of the heart, afresh only in a child.

Yes, I rediscovered myself in a child !
I knew my quest for truth will end there
My thirst for knowledge will quench there
My search for ultimate penance would begin there……….


More by :  Priya S

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