Rain and Me

  The rain pounds relentlessly against me
Caressing me as intimately as a lover
Every cool drop touches my body
Setting it afire with desires.
Like me the rain is the universal lover
Belonging to whoever wishes to
Hold them at that moment
Held by everyone
Yet belonging to none
Each drop touching my skin
Seems to echo my hearts sound
Whisper words of understanding
Sympathizing in my pain
Knowing that some people
Have to fall and mix with dirt
To give others ecstasy
Vendors of love they still face scorn
Admired in the dark
Yet despised in the daylight
They belong to everyone
Yet have no one to call their own
The wild frenzy of the pounding drops
Identify my urge to beat a relentless tattoo
And merge with my beloved
Even if I have to fall to do that

The surging wind reflects my emotions
Swept along in a frenzy
Into events beyond my control
Touching all the lives I pass through
Into worlds un-traveled 
Bar by few.  


More by :  Smitha Abraham

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