Problem at Hand

  My species precede yours by years,
But we have always shared this planet
But you, with reckless abandon,
Have created here a deathtrap, a dragnet.

Look what you have done to our home,
Polluted, killed and spoiled
A pristine land, free for all to roam,
Has been desecrated and soiled

There have been thinkers and scholars,
Amongst you there have been noble men.
But still destruction and catastrophe
Are not questions of how, but when.

Mankind has evolved intellectually
And has found knowledge in these books.
But all your wisdom will be in vain,
If you care little how Mother Earth looks.

It still is not too late for the human race,
To mend its ways and protect this land,
As long as you and your fellow-men
Awaken, and realize the problem at hand.


More by :  Dr. Neria H. Hebbar

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