Musings of the Mind


Do these passers by know why I'm sitting here?
Do they know what I'm feeling?
Do they know what my troubles are?
And all that I'm concealing?

Do they know I have no where to go
Mother earth is my bedding?
That there is no roof for me in this whole wide world
The vast sky is my ceiling?

Do they know I've been hungry for days?
& My health has been ailing?
As they sit in their cozy homes
Do they know the weather our here is chilling?

Do they know as they turn away?
That I too need a shoulder for leaning?
If they were to take my place for a day
Tell me, would they be willing?

And yet I feel proud of my dignity
Sitting in my old rickshaw that's almost failing
Coz' as I face endless disappointments and silent pains
I'm neither begging nor am I complaining! 

Oh please tell me, do you know?


More by :  Bijal Dwivedi Mehta

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