Mother Earth

  O Mother Earth !
you give and
you give and
you give and
you give
asking us nothing
in return as
you are the mother
the giver of selfless love
and we - the children
the rightful recipient of your love.

Your children
the human race -
we take and
we take and
we take and
we take
giving you nothing
in return of what we take as
we are your children -
the plunderers who are blind
and you are the mother -
the plundered who is kind.

Looking at your plundered
and sorry state today 
I wonder why, on earth,
did you not ask us 
at least one thing
in return of your abundant love.
Why did you not ask 
the same selfless love
(that we received from you)
be returned to you
by us in the same measure
as we whole-heartedly took.

A selfless mother of
selfish children....
haven't you failed us as
a mother ?


More by :  Meenakshi Madhur

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