Affair of Nature

  Casting our reflections when the rains cease,
As the dancing rain drops on the asphalt scatter.
We hear, in the silence of serenity and peace,
Sounds of the waves on the sandy beach batter.

Who could have produced such splendor?
The heavens, the earth, the ether, the water;
Watching the pleasing spectacle, we wonder,
Do these poetry of nature have an author?

Soon the grandeur of the evening sunlight fades,
The day slips into night; dark but tranquil.
When dusk slips past its colors and shades,
Stars and the moon fill the sky in a nightly drill.

But ere the light is robbed from this sketch,
Behold the scene, friend, feel its fleeting flair;
Freeze this moment, and to memory you etch.
‘tis ephemeral but precious in nature’s affair.


More by :  Dr. Neria H. Hebbar

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