Deep From My Heart

  Deep From My Heart...........
I was so engrossed in my life all these years
that your call, your gift,
your flowers Hardly mattered to me.
I simply accepted with thanks.
Now I have released what it all meant.
I could read it in your eyes,
so clear and told me everything.
You made me conscious of my presence,
my ways and my whole existence.
I could see your gaze whatever I did or wherever I went.
It was One Rainy Friday that changed everything, Changed me.
The long walks, your sweet talks, your touch, your presence,
The way you hold me and touch me. It was all a exotic feeling,
It felt on top of the world, its so lovely.
I longed to be with you.
I couldn't imagine a day without seeing you or talking to you
This is what people call love,
But I say its more than the four letter word.
The shared beautiful moments, the long talks, the long walks,
Our beautiful thoughts & dreams and above all the trust and
Beautiful friendship, full of Affection and Understanding.
My only wish is that this Friendship goes on,
Without any break, no matter where we live or stay,
Each day, each time becoming stronger,
Affectionate and Adorable.
I hope .....
that you and I will keep this Friendship go on
and strive hard to make it work.
Thanks for helping me and giving me courage to face the world,
above all I want to say that I'm in love with you,
I love you, Want to fall in love with you again.
I may not be so good in putting words together,
But deep in my heart I wanted to say all this.
It's because of your love and care,
I'm able to write these few lines for the first time in my life.


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