Disease of the Spirit

  As we have reached the Third Millennium, I can clearly see a gap
Between knowledge and its application on global mankind
While the evil forces are detaining the spread of civilization,
And pushing the millions into misery that boggles my mind!
Today, we have the knowledge and advanced technology
To satisfy all the basic needs of human life
But still hundreds of thousands of people are dying of hunger
And the fears are flooded with rife!

The savants and the illuminated have no longer any say so
In conducting politics in the modern age
While the sufferings of the wretched are being displayed
Live on television cameras and described on media page!
With a limited knowledge in previous centuries,
Civilizations were erected to testify dedication of toil
And examples, such as temples and Swamijis, are still visible,
Standing proudly on historic soil!

When we face reality, instead of using common sense,
We follow prejudice or contaminated vision
And the results are awesome; because of disparity,
While lack of dedication may affect the future mission!
So, I think, the cosmic visions of Swamijis should be opened,
And it must include human brotherhood with care
While utmost stupidity or salient ignorance of race and color
Should not be an excuse or venture to dare!

'Ennui' or boredom, as a product of being unable to take on reality,
Was a disease of the last century around the Earth
Because people couldn't watch their own reality with own eyes
And depression engulfed the mental peace, like a flaming hearth!
Luckily, on this century, I don't see any symptoms of "ennui"
Due to busy schedule or unpaid bill
But majority of the people is affected by "disease of the spirit",
To lead the life in a fast lane chill!

It's depressing to see that we have stopped using emotions
And loving our family or tribe as we did in the past
But I still do hope, as current century turns, to overcome
The psychological barriers and allow them not to last!
Now as we have reached the third millennium, let's focus
On man's pride and his capacity to change
And use the knowledge for GOOD, to pave the way for future,
While we promote our thoughts to rearrange!

To achieve the above goals, we don't need more laws
To restrict our freedom or erect new fence
Rather, as a human being, we can overcome the barriers
With brotherly love, unity, and common sense!
So, may I urge to solve the problem that concerns man,
Not only for today, but also for tomorrow?
And eradicate disease of the spirit for happiness on Earth ,
By eliminating the "ennui" or unwanted sorrow!!


More by :  Hillol Ray

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