Earth's Cry

  Men have worshipped me since ages
Over centuries
Millions of children have I borne
My children
Built ships and bridges
Over my seas
Planes that fly
Over my skies
Made great scientific and spiritual advances
And have prospered over the years
When I think of their achievements my
Heart swells up with motherly pride,

But my children
Built weapons of mass destruction,
Attacked their neighbors
Looted and burnt villages
Fought and killed their brothers
In the name of religion
Destroyed and desecrated
Monuments of worship
Raped my daughters
And have disrobed me
In shame, I hide my head,
When I think of their deeds.

They have bound my feet,
By drilling my oceans for oil
Building dams over my rivers
Burning down my jungles for fuel
Destroying my flora and fauna
For their petty material gains.
My heart feels heavy with all their deeds
I feel I can't go on

I break out and erupt
Sometimes in my pain
Yet I can't bear my children's grief,
My heart goes out to them
In their sorrow
I know I must go on
I know the future
Will be bright one day
My children
Will learn lessons from their past
So here I stand
Awaiting the future of hope
Patiently and quietly.


More by :  Nayan S. Mijar

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