Endless Hope Hopeless End

  The conception of our lives is a puzzle,
And leads us to too many hope -
With progress of time, it matures
And the situation it has to really cope!
Dreams are the foundation where hope is the only ace -
And without it, life cannot bloom and falls on the face!
Every now and then, we immerse ourselves to dream,
Spun by the hopes to fulfill -
While going through the ringers of life,
Too hard to handle, or may create the chill!
For every action we take, there's a hope
To motivate or lead us to another action -
But a reaction is the tragedy, when dreams get shattered
Into many many faction!
The cycle of life, irrespective of colors
Moves with time around the earth -
And it is extremely true, like the sunshine,
Since the day of our holy birth!
But the beauty of sunshine is mired
By the appearance of fog or mist -
In despair, we close both eyes
And vent our angers by raising the fist!
We know, the hopes are endless,
From the moments the life starts to bloom -
And propagate in all directions, just like gusty wind
Followed by the plume!
At times, hopes are fulfilled; but sometimes,
They don't even see the light -
So the end results are bound to vary widely,
Or may lead to an early fight!
Remember, if the hope was always fulfilled,
Then there won't be any charm -
And will allow to loose vision of life,
Like loss of greenery of a healthy farm!
Wrinkles on the forehead may frequently appear
And even tend to seem linger -
While missions become hazy, and displayed very rapidly
Via the shaky finger!
Dilemma starts to hang in our minds,
Like the reflections from the new wallpaper -
When stumbling on a thought takes colliding courses
But somehow tends to taper!
Life takes the toll to leave the legacy
For future generations to come -
And it may often be boring for the few
While very pleasant for some!
In reality, ups and downs of life move in circle,
To enchant the hidden sense -
And do tell us to be flexible or may break our hearts
To make them too tense!
Throughout the life, we simply dance on the stage,
Like a puppet does on the earth -
And exhaust all of our senses, to upgrade our hopes
By moving sadness with mirth!
The curtain drops in the puppet shows,
When the lights go off in the end -
Likewise, life comes to a screeching halt,
And may not even like to bend!
So, at the beginning, endless hope envelops the life
And allows us to dream -
While conclusion brings hopeless end
Like the sour milk without the cream!! 


More by :  Hillol Ray

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