Enigma of Grace

  Frozen timeless, a statuette with covered face
With the thin muslin slipping away
Baring the beauty of feminine grace
Not even in the cool breeze, do they sway.

Jingles of bangles and anklets unheard
Provocative and swinging earrings unseen
Hidden visage of glorious womanhood
Alas, shying away from a gruesome scene?

Tender, long fingers concealing,
With ebony skin and well kempt hair
The enigma of a face not revealing,
But perhaps, only to a kindly debonair.

Tell me not that you are frightened,
Tell me not that you are filled with sorrow.
Nay, with a quickened pulse and heart lightened
With coyness, you await your lover in the morrow


More by :  Dr. Neria H. Hebbar

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