Eternal Love

  We, the angels
are inquisitive.
What is he
whispering to her?

Maybe, maybe
he is cajoling her,
recollecting their joyous life -

How, their love, stunningly
broke the desert curse -
the skies opened showering
love on the earth; the rain
that washed away all dryness.

She, the sulking maiden
Celebrates herself,
and the attention showered.
To him, their love is Euphoria.

Commitment so eternal,
Romance in perfect wilderness -
Captures our hearts and
we witness the bliss.

We, the angels feel happy
bless the sculpted lovers.
Forever, they'll remain together,
Love carved in cold stone.

Or, unknown to our
heavenly selves,
is he chronicling his woes?
Maybe, maybe
he is crying to her
of his endless sorrow -

Imprisoned in stone,
how his words
never reach her ears
and crueler still,
never escape his throat.

He lives, hand over her shoulder
in a pacifying permanent caress.
And touch is the only warmth
that chiseled rocks provide.

An overpowering silence
communicates her charm,
his yearning, their love -
the perfect submission. 
We, the angels take pity -
deep in our hearts
we want to break the bonds,
breathe Life into the lovers.

Then, they shall step out of stone,
and break into blossom.

Their Love would still be there.
As Always.  


More by :  Meena Kandasamy

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