For What Purpose

  Drawn from the dark abyss of slumber.
Pulled into the canal of deliverance.
Beseeched to stretch, expand.
Urged to venture towards light.
Pulsing, blending with water and blood.
Breaking thru the barrier of flesh.
Breath slamming into this body.
Bringing with it - life.

Squalling for the warmth,
Of comfort left behind.
Plunged into the cold,
Stark reality of mortality.
Seeking the face of my own.
Saw no one take me to their bosom.
To kiss, to suckle, to love.
Loneliness washed the hollow cavity.
Leaving 'emptiness' to reign supreme.

Looking forever behind,
To what was left.
Clamoring for what was taken.
Avoiding the path of tomorrow.
That seemed to have no direction.
Desiring, craving, envying.
Not understanding why the looking on
Could deliver such agony of pain.
Such an awkward truth,
Of being forgotten, ignored, set apart.

A whisper emerges from the darkness.
Traveling the eons of time.
Quickened the souls attention.
Creating order out of chaos.
Bringing remembrance of a voice.
A far away voice.
Encompassing the abyss.
Voice of tenderness, desire.
Craving once again
The intimacy of the womb.

" Encountering the sting of Death.
The sword in My side.
Gasping for life.
Your name on My swollen lips.
Conquering the bowels of Hell.
Your name on My palms.
Living, to reflect My Glory as God.
I'm waiting.
Waiting for you."

" Here place your hand in Mine.
Open your heart for what you've searched.
Come, be with Me.
As the Husband seeks the purity of the Bride.
As the moon seeks the warmth of the sun.
Partake in My Eternity.
Wear My Name, My Banner.
Come, be with Me."

The Soul found its peace.
The Heart found its home.
The Hand found a place to rest.
Life blossomed as The Christmas Rose.
" Yes, I'll give You my hand.
Trust You with Eternity.
Be one with You.
Be One with me." 


More by :  Roberta Lee Wilcox

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